Done Watching and Reviewing Star Trek: Picard

If you love something, someday you have to learn to let it go. If you strongly dislike, same thing

No, I’m not ordering a pizza from the real Number One, Will Ryker. Seriously, they might as well have sold that to a pizza company for ad placement. Sigh. Can’t even imagine this series ever would have gone this badly. I’m not the first viewer to eject and certainly won’t be the last.

Getting to see Next Gen characters in Star Trek: Picard is great in theory, but what we see of them in retirement has been too painful for me to endure any longer. They distort the characters we love and introduce new very unlikable characters.

Yes, I did make it through the seventh episode — after three valiant tries while on vacation — but am not going to be rating and reviewing it here. At least in any immediate future, anyway. There isn’t any point.

I’ve seen others I’m reading saying they enjoy the series and wish them well. It’s not Star Trek to me. In fact, it’s making me care less about Star Trek. For that reason, I’m going to stop so I don’t add any further to the negative dialogue on a weekly basis.

Maybe someday in the future, for the sake of completion, I’ll be able to return and review the rest of the season one episodes, but not now. I’d rather watch a TV series that I enjoy, not one that I strongly dislike watching. What’s the point? Just to watch and bash it? No thank you. If I thought this might get better, I’d stay with it, but found myself after watching the first seven episodes of this one and only marginally cared for two of them. That’s not the ratio that makes me want to continue.

I’m canceling my CBS All Access subscription and will subscribe to something else. Probably Apple TV so I can check out the all new Amazing Stories. I enjoy Anthology shows (see: Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories (2020) Returns to Apple TV on March 6 – Are You Interested?). At least with an anthology show, you get a different story with every episode, so there is a chance if one episode story isn’t good the misery won’t continue.

Stick a fork in this Picard for me, as my preference is remembering the great statesman captain aboard the Enterprise.

No, pizza delivery from Ryker and Troi or waiting for a bad Terminator storyline to play out in a wannabe Star Trek universe. Goodbye.

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