Hulu is the Adult/Mature Disney+, Just ask Hillary Duff

Hilary Duff has grown up – she wants her show
to grow up with her …

There is some controversy around Lizzy McGuire TV series reboot slated to be on Disney+ and Hilary Duff is asking Disney to move it to Hulu.

For those who don’t know, Hulu is already the recognized, much more adult-oriented wing of Disney.

Duff and Lizzie McGuire creator (and original showrunner for the reboot) Terri Minsky were hoping to create a more mature show reflecting the character’s adult life. They completed a couple episodes, and then Disney decided to change course — to the point that Minsky was removed from the new series.

Hilary Duff asks Disney to move Lizzie McGuire reboot to Hulu instead of Disney+ – The Verge

I’ve never watched even one second of Lizzy McGuire TV show or the 2003 movie. It sounds from what I know to be sort of along the lines of Hannah Montana type teen to younger girl audience, yes/no? Clearly not my demographic. Somebody who knows more – or at least cares to no more — can educate me in the comments.

The point I’m making in this post — as is Hilary Duff — is about the larger issue of what to do with content that’s not best suited to Disney+ and is that even a problem? It shouldn’t be.

Hulu has much more I’m interested in watching than Disney+. That’s not saying Disney+ isn’t good and doesn’t have value. There are some amazing films on Disney+ and at least one TV show that I like available there.

When Disney+ launched my wife bought a year long subscription. It was a gift for our grandchildren, mainly, although I used it to watch, rate and review The Mandalorian (highly recommended, btw), the older Star Wars films in prep for Rise of Skywalker and some scattered other content. Basically, I’ve not used the service much since.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think Disney+ is a great deal for young children especially. Think about having to buy a bunch of physical copies and kids. It just doesn’t work as well with kid-friendly tablets and other portable devices. A streaming channel with primarily or only PG and below content is perfectly fine to me as a parent and grandparent. If that’s how Disney+ wants to roll, I’m game with it.

But what about more mature, adult content and themes? A TV show like DC Universe’s Harley Quinn would not be geared to Disney+, i get it. That’s cool. So where can they put these shows? The House of Mouse can’t only have PG and G-rated content with their properties, can they?

Enter Hulu. So, if you want to watch more edgy, more adult-oriented shows and movies, just subscribe there. I’m not sure how this works for Marvel content going forward, but maybe the rating will dictate where it goes (PG and below on Disney+, TV-MA to Hulu?).

AT&T with Warner Bros. Should Capitalize on this Marketing Opportunity

With HBO Max coming in May, clearly AT&T which owns Warner Bros. should market as a full meal deal. For $14.99/month, you get it all: adult, family, kids. They should have very good content filters in place so they can ensure parents that their young children won’t be easily exposed to more adult content.

Will this actually happen? That’s the big question. Warner Bros. seems to step on themselves more than help sometimes and AT&T, despite being massive, doesn’t always move in the sensible direction.

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