Henry Golding as the Next James Bond? Don’t Know

Daniel Craig is done with Bond after No Time To Die. The speculation has been raging for quite some time who will take his place, but nothing official will happen until after the smoke clears from the launch of Bond 25.

Some have speculated that there won’t be any more James Bond. To that, I’d say no way. Broccoli and Wilson / Eon will do more Bond. It’s a lucrative franchise and you have to keep putting out movies at least once in a great while to keep it relevant and the cash register ringing.

I don’t know who should play the next James Bond. I don’t really follow British actors that well (I don’t follow any actors well), but I do think it should be a brit. I mean, really, who wants an American with a fake accent playing Bond? Also, I have zero — below zero — interest in a woman playing Bond. That’s not a slight at #MeToo that’s a slight at keeping the character at least somewhat honorary to Ian Fleming’s original vision.

So, we need a brit. Some kind of brit.

If you’d asked me about Timothy Dalton, I probably would have said no, but then I liked Dalton in the role. Maybe he didn’t have the most compelling scripts, but I think the actor could have had some hits given more time and better material.

So, maybe Henry Golding as a choice would be … OK.

From a diversity standpoint, Golding’s Malaysian heritage means the Bond series would finally star its first person of color. But, as would have been the case with Elba, Golding is also a British actor. Bond’s skin tone might not be integral to the character, but his status as a Brit certainly is. Casting Golding would push Bond forward into the modern world without sacrificing what makes him distinctive.

Why Henry Golding Should Play the Next James Bond

Golding hasn’t been that fantastic an actor to me in anything. He certainly doesn’t scream out “action hero” to me. He’s got the good looks that Bond needs and the ladies like him, also check, but can he pull off an action/thriller? If I’m Henry Golding’s agent, I’m getting Golding signed onto some kind of action/thriller ASAP. Like in the next year, so there can be a screen test.

Free Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds looks like it could have been a worthy vehicle for Golding to show off his action/thriller stuff.

I haven’t seen Crazy, Rich Asians yet, but know that isn’t an action flick. I’ve seen Golding most recently in The Gentlemen⭐️, and yes, while that’s closer to James Bond, it’s not an action flick. Before that? Last Christmas⭐️⭐️⭐️½ , and that is about as close to Bond as Sleepless in Seattle.

We need to see Golding in a feature role as an action hero. Something like Diehard or maybe a superhero or antihero movie (those seem to be rolling out regularly).

No Time To Die is opening wide in theaters on April 10, 2020.

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