No bovine BS. This movie appears to have moo-ved from LIMITED release to a wide release.

At least that’s what Box Office Mojo shows, Movie Insider — the other service I refer to — says it is still a limited release. I checked out the Regal Cinemas website and there are currently no showings for it locally in our area, so maybe Movie Insider is accurate.

A24 gives us unique premise movies, I’ll concede that. Remember that Adam Sandler movie, Uncut Gems? Sandler was great in that frenetic thriller.

Just check out that spellbinding (!) box art. It’s a cow on a boat in the middle of a lake.

Yes A24 has queued up a cow film called First Cow and wants to milk our interest. I first talked about this here: 9 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in March 2020 — laughing somewhat uncontrollably at the trailer. Here, watch this:

First Cow official trailer

Still laughing here at that trailer. Maybe it’s a serious period piece on a cow, but it spells comedy gold to me.

First Cow is opening in theaters on March 6, 2020.

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