Apple TV+ is all “about original programming” says CEO Tim Cook

Good old Apple, they always do things their own way. That applies to their streaming channel, too.

Don’t expect just another batch of rotating movies and old TV shows, they are going all in — $6 billion dollars worth — on original content.

“We love ‘Friends.’ Who doesn’t love ‘Friends’? It’s not what Apple TV+ is about, it’s about original programming,” Cook said. “It doesn’t feel right for Apple to go out and take a rerun. It doesn’t feel like Apple.”

Apple shareholder meeting: Cook talks Apple TV+, health, acquisitions

This is a smart long term play, but it will leave their service a bit skeletal for awhile. I’m seriously looking to join next month for the Amazing Stories reboot executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

The problem Apple is doing is they are dropping the episodes bingeable, which means people (like me) will sign up, watch them, and cancel the service. They would be better to roll out the episodes once per week. If you have a 12 episode season, that means you can get 3 months subscription $$$ versus a one and done. Also, you’ll get more ongoing buzz and promotion during the series weekly drops.

CBS All Access is currently doing this with Star Trek: Picard. Disney+ did it with The Mandalorian and DC Universe did this with Harley Quinn the animated series.

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