35+ Sonic The Hedgehog Reviews – Jim Carrey is the Worst Part Of The Movie

Sonic The Hedgehog ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jim Carrey overacting? Never! SE-GA! Sorry.

While promoting Sonic the Hedgehog, Jim Carrey admitted that he was concerned with the initial design at first too and is pleased with the changes.

Jim Carrey Was Also Concerned With The ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Design

The following is a critique and pull quote reviews from other movie bloggers, so SPOILERS will be shared. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then you may want to return to this post after you’ve seen the movie.

Let’s start with the bad, before the good: Dr. Robotnik overplayed by Jim Carrey

Why I ever thought Jim Carrey might be cool as Dr. Robotnik changed about 15 minutes into his overblown, exaggerated, cliched Ace Ventura Robotnik portrayal. We’ve seen this Jim Carrey before in multiple other movies and I’m over the shtick. Somebody give Carrey a chill pill.

Dr. Robotnik in the videogame is menacing and diabolical, not spastic. Come on, Jim Carrey, stop being so obvious with your Jim Carrey plays Robotnik characterization.

It’s important to note that as I’ve read through reviews by others (some are pullquoted below), my opinion on Carrey’s performance is not widely shared. Seems like others by and large are praising his performance. My biggest issue with Carrey’s performance is we’ve seen it before. It’s not fresh, new or even in the spirit of how Dr. Robotnik was in the game. Others will disagree, maybe some of you reading this right now.

I will give credit to the final scene on the mushroom world with Carrey where he has the tricked out mustache. In that scene he plays Robotnik at the right speed and tenacity. Wish he would have downplayed the rest of the movie. Just my 2 1/2 rusted pennies.

SE-GA! Proper love for the videogame Sonic The Hedgehog

Unlike the nearly total failure of appreciating the TV Show Fantasy Island in the Blumhouse movie, Sonic pays good, respectful homage to the videogame. The opening scene is heavily inspired by the first zone — Green Hills Zone — in the game.

At the same time, even if you’ve never seen or played the Sonic game, you aren’t lost in a bunch of vague references.

Bizarre Olive Garden Product (over) Placements

When I think of Sonic, I don’t think of Olive Garden, and yet this movie wanted me to — desperately. Running shoes would have been a better product tie-in. Maybe even energy drinks, but Olive Garden? I guess Rockstar, Red Bull, NIKE, they all passed on any co-branding.

Nothing takes away from the restaurant. Olive Garden’s endless salad is one of the best out there. I’ll give credit where it’s due. They don’t sponsor this blog, nobody does as of this writing, so that’s a free endorsement.

Just don’t get what they are thinking this will do for their brand. Instead, how about the fast food burger joint named, er, Sonic?

Sonic CGI looks good

The main fear realized in the first trailer is quickly swept away. Sonic looks good in this movie. The CGI is solid and never takes the viewer out of the action. We believe this cute little blue alien is on earth, speeding around. He’s portrayed as a lonely alien and his one secret friend is a policeman who talks to donuts.

When Sonic finally is exposed, hiding in the policeman’s side building, they both are freaked out by each other. Sonic convinces his friend to help protect him from the bad guys (Dr. Robotnik and his various evil drones).

It’s a very familiar fish out of water cute alien story (E.T, Alf, Howard The Duck, and so on), but it’s not as cliched as it sounds.

Reviews by Others

Let’s see what others think of Sonic The Hedgehog.


  1. adamryen / I Am Your Target Demographic (4/5): “As a fan of the Sonic games, this was everything I could’ve wanted. I laughed often, and the jokes came from all directions, almost every character contributed. The action sequences were vivid and interesting, while there were also quiet moments with a lot of heart.”
  2. Alex Wiggan / It’s A Stampede!: “…is a competently made adventure film, which doesn’t wear out its welcome and leaves the audience satisfied.”
  3. Bryan Caron / Chaos Breeds Chaos (Grade: B+): “Though the film is an odd mix of elements and the occasional missed opportunity (how do you cast a powerhouse like Neal McDonough and leave him behind after a mere five minutes?), Sonic the Hedgehog is definitely a step in the right direction for movies based on video games.”
  4. Cookie N Screen: “…there are many aspects of this movie that still could have been better such as the depth of the characters, the predictability of the story and the design of Sonic himself. However, don’t let that stop you from checking out the film for yourself.”
  5. The Critic’s Sanctum (7.5/10): “It’s cute, has fun callbacks to the series, is easy to digest by any audience, and you can definitely tell a lot of care and effort went into portraying the subject matter.”
  6. Darren Lucas / Movie Reviews 101: “…a fun action movie that brings the video game character to life with ease to make us understand his pain and desire to be important in somebody’s life.
  7. David Poole / GotGame (8/10): “…isn’t just a good film for fans; it’s a good film for the whole family. With the momentum of the blue blur, it’s highly likely that this will be the start to a series of films.”
  8. Emperor Pyros / OmniGeekEmpire: “I’m happy to report that they did the blue blur justice. Forreal, this movie is a wholesome experience for the whole family to enjoy.”
  9. EYG / Embrace Your Geekness / Doc: “I hope this movie makes all the money this weekend and becomes a huge hit, if only for the reason of rewarding the studio for taking the time and spending the money to make the effects right.  It was important for the film to look right and they should be rewarded for that.”
  10. Film Music Central: “Defying my worst fears, Sonic the Hedgehog is a cute movie that makes for a great time. While the story has a few pacing issues, Jim Carrey’s performance as Dr. Robotnik makes up for most of the issues, and the hints of what may come in a sequel leave me eager for more.”
  11. Geeks Of Color: “What hurts this movie, which is again enjoyable, is the choice of setting. The themes of loneliness, making your own family, and finding your home, could have been told in an environment and with other characters that are fantastical.”
  12. greigzilla / We’ve Got (Back) Issues: “Sonic The Hedgehog, while a much more polished product than you’d think, only really hits top speed when it’s antagonist is given free reign to expell his particular brand of chaotic humor (his dance sequence in the back of his mobile lab is vintage Carrey) but the whole deal is aggressively acceptable on all levels.”
  13. Keith Noakes / KeithLovesMovies (78%): “Run, don’t walk, and see Sonic the Hedgehog, another good video game film and if not, at least it’s another chance to see some classic Jim Carrey.”
  14. Mercedes / DG Speaks: “This movie is all about the power of self-love, friendship, and community. It makes you take a hard look at what you value in life and how far are you willing to go to protect it. It was definitely the perfect flick for Singles Awareness Day.”
  15. Mirza Baig / Welcome To Movie Ark: “…it is Jim Carrey who steals the show here. Here, Carrey is in his over-the-top 90s self, and molds his trademark style inside the video character very fluidly. And most importantly, even gets his own insane dance sequence that had me laughing out loud.”
  16. Mister GQ Blogs / Alexander S (8.5/10): “Go with friends, go wth family go alone if you want. If you’re a fan of Sonic you will definitely enjoy this movie.”
  17. Rachel’s Reviews (7/10): “…is a cute movie that the whole family can go see and have a nice time together. It has a big heart and the character of Sonic is well rendered and voiced.”
  18. rgagne / Ten Stars or Less (8/10): “I like to go against the grain when it comes to movie ratings and what I like and don’t like. I left Sonic thoroughly impressed with this movie and will welcome a sequel if it stays on par with this one”
  19. Serpent’s Den: “Between this and Detective Pikachu, I can only hope we are the dawn of a new era for video-game movies, which have had a notoriously bad track record for a long time. But these two films show that they can work, at least when the filmmakers actually care about them.”
  20. ScreenBunka (7/10): “…is a film that knows its place and doesn’t try to break the mould. For a film aimed primarily at kids, it’s surprisingly fun for adults.”
  21. tlkabtmovies / Let’s Talk About Movies (2.5/5): “I have no doubt in my mind that kids and 90’s kids alike will have a good time with it.”
  22. That Shelf / Courtney Small: “…there is plenty of goofy humour and action that will have children and adults laughing with equal measure. Sometimes mindless fun is all one needs to warrant running to the cinema for.”
  23. The Elder Blogs: “All round thoughts on this film was it’s a great family film, filled with laughs and a bit of nostalgia. It is NOT a Sonic origin story so get that out of your head if you haven’t already seen it.”
  24. The Movie Dweeb: “It’s refreshing to see a film not-produced by Disney to convey a message about loneliness.”
  25. X-Geeks: “…is a fun, family-adventure packed full of humour, excitement and heart. Despite the movie following a VERY predictable and formulaic blueprint, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had, with the movie having a strong appeal to both family and adult audiences alike!”

Not Recommended

  1. Amused in the Dark: “This movie is a bleeding hot mess. It is not a good movie. It’s not even an adequate movie. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t entertained. There are a few moments of joy and smiles to be found sure, but when those moments are gone the movie is pure cringe”
  2. Calvin Kemph / The Twin Geeks: “It’s a stripped-down road movie that does not worry about why it’s being made, despite a sizable budget, it exists to exist. Perhaps some of the time meant for shaping it went into serious redesigns. But the most serious redesign needed is in the script. There is only so much goodwill Jim Carrey can bring, as we’re constantly leaving him for undercooked filler.”
  3. Dyl’s Movie Stuff: “It was a valiant effort by the cast and redesign CGI team, but, unfortunately, no one could save Sonic the Hedgehog from its uninspired script.”
  4. GLUE / Annie Banks (5/10): “…approaches a popular franchise from an unsophisticated, fun-loving and childish angle that sets the Sega Cinematic Universe off on a mediocre pace. Sonic is cute, but it taps out at that.”
  5. Joe Rover: “While it wasn’t everything I hoped for, it was better than I thought it’d be. I left the theater laughing and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I wanted to see it again the next day.”
  6. Lee Butler / Movie Meister Reviews (1/5): “If I were to judge the film purely on the content (which was so slim I fit it into a half paragraph) it might’ve been a 2 and a ½ or 3 star film that I didn’t hate… art doesn’t occur in a vacuum and the absolute dumpster fire surrounding this project and the people that got stepped on along the way absolutely influenced this score.”
  7. Projected Realities: “…wouldn’t quite be the pinnacle of its genre even if its humor didn’t continually sabotage it, but it’s an enjoyable if thinly written journey that’s often as weird as it is predictable.”
  8. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation (1.5/4): “This isn’t the best film to make one’s feature directing debut with. But Jeff Fowler had an animation research job on “Where the Wild Things Are,” so he’s just happy to be here. It’s doubtful anybody else could have gotten more out of this limp script.”
  9. Trailer Trashed: “The overall film isn’t that bad.  If you have kids and a few hours to spare, then the simple plot and bright colours will likely keep everyone entertained. “
  10. The Cinema Cynic (4/10): “…is certainly never anything less than watchable, but due to a very weak script that fails to take full advantage of potential offered by the abundance of source material, it never gains any kind of true momentum.”
  11. Major Film Reviews: “I’m struggling to think of how they managed to pull of a Sonic the Hedgehog film and not make it absolutely terrible; and it isn’t terrible, it’s passable, enjoyable for the kids, bearable for adults, with Jim Carrey once again finding his stride”
  12. victorsmyname: “At times the movie is enjoyable, but I won’t go so far as to call it good. And this is such a boring final verdict compared to what we could have had if they’d kept the original Nightmare Sonic for the film”

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2 thoughts on “35+ Sonic The Hedgehog Reviews – Jim Carrey is the Worst Part Of The Movie

  1. I completely agree that Jim Carrey was the worst part of the movie. He had the same jokes and weird physical comedy he’s always had. There was nothing fresh or new about his portrayal of Robotnik. Basically, it was Fire Marshall Bill is Robotnik. LOL

    And, the Olive Garden references were so awkwardly placed. I was just thinking to myself, boy they are really pushing hard. The references were not organic at all. I found this to be the case with all the product placements in the movie though. Like when the wife says, “Look at these great apartments I found on Zillow.” They were just so poorly done.

    Overall though, I did like the film. Sonic was tres adorbs and you couldn’t help but feel his pain. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment. Totally agree. I did like Jim Carrey at the very end in the mushroom land. It would have been cool if he bottled all that energy up and saved it for the last 5 minutes. But he just wasn’t contained at all.

      Liked by 1 person

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