Have You Checked Out 4DX Yet? 2019 Was Record Year

Movies in 4DX format available in March and April 2020

Remember back in September when we shared our first 4DX viewing experience? See: Awesome 4DX First Experience Watching Rambo: Last Blood

4DX had a record year in 2019, according to Variety, and well-deservedly.

CJ 4DPLEX, the company behind multi-sensory 4DX cinema technology, has announced that it had a record-breaking 2019, grossing more than £246 million ($320 million) for 4DX worldwide.

4DX High-Tech Cinemas Break Box Office Records in 2019 – Variety

Yes, we thought the experience was excellent. It certainly made Rambo: Last Blood more entertaining with dripping overhead, various scents sprayed in the air, a slow swaying boat-like movement and more.

Next month we’ll be back in Las Vegas, this time staying at the River Rock Casino, home of the only 4DX theater in Vegas. The next movie we’ll likely be seeing in 4DX is …

Onward opens wide in theaters on March 6, 2020 — we’re planning to watch in 4DX


We do have a Regal 4DX theater in downtown Seattle, but traffic downtown and parking is a nightmare, so not somewhere we’ll likely be going. Too bad, because we both really enjoyed the format and think it has the power to elevate the entertainment experience.

Have you seen a movie in 4DX yet? Are you planning to soon? Is there a theater near you that has 4DX? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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