Roku Declares We’re Now in “The Streaming Decade”

Roku home menu during Halloween 2019

The volume in and around Roku is growing louder (emphasis mine):

We have now entered the streaming decade when we believe consumers around the world will choose streaming as their primary way of viewing TV,” Roku CEO Anthony Wood wrote in his letter to investors. Roku believes that by 2024, half of all US households with a TV will have either cut the cord or never had cable to begin with.

Roku predicts half of US households with a TV will cut the cord by 2024 – The Verge

Our household cut the cord from cable TV long ago, going back a couple times just to see if things had changed (they hadn’t). Cable TV was all about a bunch of channels not worth watching, a ton of commercials and suspect billing practices brimming with fees.

So, when Roku claims this decade as “the streaming decade” my ears perked up. Will this be the decade (2020-2030) that most people cut the cable TV cord? They believe by 2024 50% of households with a TV will not have cable TV.

As new streaming channels open up that are available through Roku, this will increase its presence:

…it would seem fair to assume that Roku may have grown net adds naturally by about 700,000 accounts, bringing the total number of new accounts to around 4 million. It could imply that of Disney’s 26 million new streaming subscribers; Roku only saw a benefit of an additional 600,000 new accounts above its natural rate of growth. 

Roku’s Post-Earnings Plunge May Only Be The Start via Forbes

Honestly, with the excessive expense of cable TV compared to cord cutting alternatives I’m surprised we aren’t already past the 50%. Then again, in more rural areas high speed bandwidth might not be as widespread.

If that turns out to be true, that’s quite the tipping point.

Have you cut the cord yet? Do you still have cable TV?


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