Rod Serling and Daryl Davis: Curing Ignorance with Education

Rod Serling understood tolerance as well as anybody who ever lived as shown by this tweet by his daughter, Anne.

Following the unprecedented 4 Oscars for Parasite, a Korean film, it made me sit back and ponder tolerance and acceptance. Maybe tonight something happened at the Oscars that will begin some sort of change in the world. Having people accept others more in 2020 and beyond?

I sure hope so. The world is a better place when we learn to love more.

The following is a gripping story told by Daryl Davis about his first meeting with a high ranking KKK leader in a motel. The Klan leader comes with an armed bodyguard and does not realize the meeting is with a black man.

Daryl Davis’ First Meeting with KKK Leader

When I watched this earlier this week, I haven’t been as riveted by a podcast interview story being told before. Daryl Davis should have a movie made about his life story.

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