Actors on Promotional MOVIE Tours: Please Talk MOVIES, Not Politics – Yes, you too, Harrison Ford

Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan.

Look, I’m a huge Harrison Ford fan. Legend comes to mind. The man is an amazing actor.

But I really wish he wouldn’t use a promotional tour for his new movie, The Call of the Wild [FIRST LOOK] as a political speech platform.

Movie stars are welcome to their opinions, of course, this is America but when I see them promoting a movie I would respectfully request that they stick to talking about the movie. Make us excited to go see the creative art you were part of making.

Not sometimes or once in a while, but every time. Sadly, Ford takes the political piss outside the United States, in Mexico of all hot topic places.

The “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” star didn’t mention President Donald Trump specifically as he spoke in Mexico City to promote his new film, “The Call Of The Wild.” But he said the nation’s role in the world has changed ― and not for the better. 

Harrison Ford: America Has Lost Its Moral Leadership And Credibility | HuffPost

It’s not that I agree or disagree with Ford’s politics, it’s wanting to learn more about his movie. If you talk about stuff other than the movie, then that becomes the news and publicity cycle. This is the crap we’re reading about instead of what he thought about roaming the lands with his character’s CGI pet. Perhaps some backstory on fun scenes filmed and just all kinds of other movie-related details? Anything more about the movie itself that comes out in a month.

I mean, really, inquiring movie minds need to know more about Star Wars, that dog, not your opinion on the current state of the world.

This blog is about movies and TV. I try not to stray from topics at least tangentially related to movies and TV shows. Is it too much to ask actors and actresses to do the same when they are promoting movies?

If Harrison Ford and other actors want to talk politics, then get on social media, start a blog and use those platforms to get all political. Some are into that and may actually want to hear what you have to say. Personally, I don’t get my political advice from the guy who shot Greedo in the Cantina, but if you do, more power to you.

My personal and professional advice to actors and actresses is just say no to discussing politics and religion. The only exception would be if the movie s/he is in deals specifically with those topics. Then it’s open season.

And if you are going to get into topics, Hollywood royalty, why not look in your neighboring cities?

Harrison Ford, that’s Los Angeles. Maybe this “closest to home” is place to look first at “moral leadership” and “credibility”

It’s no wonder that moviegoers get turned off towards watching some movies, because more and more the topic of the movie is about the secret “message” or “agenda” instead of, well, telling us a great story. Do that first. See: Wonder Woman being Promoted as Film for Both Sexes Equals True Empowerment

If you have some subliminal message, then let the movie do the talking. We don’t need lectures, especially from the entertainment industry.

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