Opening 2-6-2020 in Theaters: Birds of Prey

Wednesday hump day week #6 in 2020 (2/6-2/9/2020) with one movie about birds flying over the horizon. Rather, comic book birds, a group of antiheroes taking on an even worse villainous character in Black Mask.

Birds of Prey

My anticipation couldn’t be any higher for this movie. As readers know, I’ve been reviewing all episodes every Friday of season one Harley Quinn the adult animated TV series. Only three more left for the first season and then a break, followed by 13 more episodes later in 2020 hopefully.

And official trailer #2

In the meantime, we’re going to be treated by the lone wide release this week. Does Birds of Prey take down Bad Boys for Life? Yes, it will. How it does beyond this weekend, however, will all depend on what the audience thinks. If the word of mouth is even remotely as positive as it was for Joker, then expect these birds to be circling over the theaters for many weeks to come.

Anticipation: 10/10

Will have plenty more to say after watching it on Thursday 2/6/20. Will this be one that I want to rewatch in the theaters?

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