How many of these 10 Directors Bong Joon Ho Recommends Do You Recognize?

List fans rejoice, the bong hivester himself, and mastermind behind Parasite⭐️⭐️⭐️, Bong Joon Ho has listed 10 directors to watch over the next 20 years.

The year is 2020, a number that belongs to a sci-fi film in itself,” Joon Ho says in the issue. “I do not wish to summon these directors for the sake of discussing the future of cinema. I simply wish to discuss the films they have already created (even though it may only be two or three films). But in the end, this inevitably concerns the future of cinema.

7 Korean films to watch right now – i-D

Here is the list of 10 directors (by order listed in article linked above):

  1. Alma Har’el
  2. Rose Glass
  3. Alice Rohrwacher
  4. Hamaguchi Ryusuke
  5. Mati Diop
  6. Yoon Gaeun
  7. Jordan Peele
  8. Ari Aster
  9. Chloé Zhao
  10. Robert Eggers

I’m only familiar with the works of two directors in his list. Robert Eggers who directed the acclaimed The Lighthouse⭐️⭐️⭐️½  and Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us and Twilight Zone reboot #3 executive producer and narrator). Thank Bong, I’ll keep my eye on the others.

How many of the directors above do you recognize?

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