Harley Quinn Margot Robbie reads BAFTA Acceptance Speech for MIA Brad Pitt

“That motherf**ker Brad Pitt made me read his BAFTA acceptance speech?!?!”

Brad Pitt couldn’t make the BAFTA awards ceremony on Sunday night due to family obligations and asked Margot Robbie to read his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor in his place.

Even though he did not make the long schlep to London, Pitt sent yet another charming acceptance speech, read by Margot Robbie, prompting more questions about the identity of his speechwriter. (The late Carrie Fisher used to ghostwrite movie star acceptance speeches every year.) “Hey, Britain, I heard you recently became single,” he wrote. “Welcome to the club. Wishing you the best with the divorce settlement.”

The BAFTAs’ Impact on the Oscars, from Joaquin Phoenix to George McKay | IndieWire

Found it interesting that Princess Leia used to pen acceptance speeches. How pretentious is it for any movie star to employ a ghost writer for their own acceptance speech, anyway? Aren’t acceptance speeches supposed to come from your heart, not somebody else’s? If you’re going to use a proxy from Star Wars to write a speech, I’d vote for R2-D2 or Chewbacca. Spice it up, already. “YAARRRRRRRRR! AARRRRRRR!”

Kidding aside, Pitt’s speech was penned by him, not Fisher, because sadly she’s passed onto another galaxy.

Don’t they know how to prerecord anything anymore?

I get that there are real life conflicts and you can’t always show up everywhere you are wanted, but nowhere else on the planet on Sunday Brad Pitt was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Seems like the least the Pittman could do is fire up, well, his cell phone and record like a couple minutes and send that, yes/no?

An actor prerecording a speech in his own words respectfully, graciously and with humility thanking those who helped him win the award? No, not Brad Pitt. Instead, he has Margot Robbie pinch hit for him conveniently on the same week that Robbie’s new film, Birds of Prey, opens in theaters.

Absolutely no coincidence there. (insert dripping sarcasm)

Nevermind that this is the internet and YouTubers can be online pretty much anywhere at any time, but Brad Pitt needs to summon Margot Robbie because he can’t press the video icon on his cellphone.

As for the speech, you can watch it below.

Margot Robbie pinch hits for Brad Pitt giving his BAFTA acceptance speech

“His words, not mine!” — perhaps the best line of the speech … an ad-lib by Robbie.

What Robbie should have done is come dressed as Harley Quinn and blasted out the speech in squeaky playful voice, dropping a few MF bombs dicing up the boredom of what makes up 95% of all acceptance speeches. I know, I know, where’s the subtlety and class?

Class? Seriously, anybody — especially a megarich movie star — who can’t record a brief, respectful video on their phone in 2020 is either luddite, classless or clueless.

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