January 2020 – 12 Movies Ranked MOST to LEAST Entertaining

All 12 January 2020 wide releases ranked from most to least entertaining

Similar to our blog/text reviews the goal for no spoiler reviews. There are plenty of other review websites that do exhaustive spoiler-laden reviews of movies. Someday, maybe that will be done here on the website vs. the shorter no-spoiler ones, but as of this writing, every review we have shared is spoiler-free. Click the title link, read and judge for yourselves.

Our watched in the theater reviews are shared each month ranked by the highest to lowest ranking (of how entertaining is the film), which follows our review criteria.

January 2020 – Movie Theater Expenses
$120 – for movie theater snacks & food ($15 x 8, we received 4 movie popcorn and sodas using our Regal Crown Club points)
$44 for movie tickets (unlimited price for both wife & I)
$60 – 12 movies x $5 average gas/travel expense
= $224 / 12 movies = $18.67 for both of us movie theater entertainment expense per visit, even with the “free” unlimited movies.

= $224 for 2020 Total YTD Expenses

January 2020 – 12 movies in theater ranked MOST to LEAST Entertaining
Click title to read a no-spoilers review. VR = Video Review

  1. 1917 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ [VR]
  2. The Rhythm Section⭐️⭐️⭐️½ [VR]
  3. Bad Boys For Life⭐️⭐️⭐️[VR]
  4. The Last Full Measure⭐️⭐️⭐️ [VR]
  5. Like A Boss ⭐️⭐️⭐️[VR]
  6. Doolittle⭐️⭐️⭐️[VR]
  7. Just Mercy⭐️⭐️½ [VR]
  8. The Grudge ⭐️⭐️[VR]
  9. Gretel and Hansel ⭐️½ [VR]
  10. The Gentlemen⭐️[VR]
  11. Underwater ⭐️[VR]
  12. The Turning ½ [VR]

Monthly Summary

What more can be said about how bad January 2020 was for new movies? There were a scant few bright spots, but these were expected like 1917 the carryover from 2019 that should have been a wide release last year.

If Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker has been as good as it should have been, it would still be #1 at the box office.

Biggest disappointment? Easy. Dolittle. This had a budget of $175 million and yet it couldn’t seem to tell a coherent story. I understood it, but understand those who didn’t, see: 15+ Dolittle Reviews – No, Robert Downey, Jr. did NOT “sabotage” the film. It’s on the filmmakers, not us, to make a clear storyline that is entertaining and easy enough to follow. I don’t blame Robert Downey, Jr. as some are doing for “sabotage” as that just makes no sense, but this movie landed with a thud.

My second biggest disappointment was Just Mercy. Such awesome source material. I wanted to love this film. Great actors, Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan, but a suspect script that just became lost in the legal morass until the final act. This has a 99% audience approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes, so clearly this is a case that people like this movie. This might be a winner that we aren’t recommending, so consider giving this more of a chance. You might like it.

Bad Boys For Life performed the best of the sequels for the month. It’s still doing well, leading the third week. I can’t compare The Grudge to prior versions because I haven’t cared enough to watch the others, but those who have that I’m reading greatly prefer the earlier versions.

Kristen Stewart had the worst acting in a new movie for the month. Underwater should have been titled underwhelming. Sure, the script was lackluster, but at least you can argue other, better actors rose above their crap to try and at least shine a little bit. Professionals do this, amateurs get exposed. Consider me derailed on the Kristen Stewart train.

Neither Kara or I enjoyed Guy Ritchie’s sort of return to form with The Gentlemen but others did. It’s not going to kill it at the box office, but it is doing decent numbers.

Horror gets the blackest eyes in January 2020. An overlong, boring Gretel & Hansel, a soulless adaptation turned in by The Turning, and many moviegoers left with a grudge against The Grudge.

So, what’s left to show at least some love toward? For me, The Rhythm Section at least tried to tell a revenge tale in a fresh way. It’s clearly not without issues, and as a spy thriller it’s just not that good, but Blake Lively in a bunch of wigs gives it her all.

Although we gave three stars to Like a Boss and The Last Full Measure, those are luke warm at best recommendations, so read the reviews carefully and see what you think before spending any hard earned money buying a ticket.

Sigh. When I have to make excuses for the meager few recommendations, you know it’s not a good month. January was easily the worst month for movies since I started this blog. February 2020 the bar is very, very low.

Welcoming February new releases!

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