FIRST LOOK: Bloodshot

Are you familiar with Valiant Comics? Yes? No? I’m not. This is the only movie coming in 2020 based on a comic book character not from DC or Marvel. I did some digging around to learn more about Valiant.

Founded in 1989, Valiant is a relative newcomer in the comic book business. According to Wikipedia, they first released the character Bloodshot in 1992.

Like many other flagship comic characters for a publisher, there have been several different comics based on the character with the most recent comics run coinciding with the feature length movie starring Vin Diesel in March 2020.

The box art, pictured right shows a very angry looking Vin Diesel. I’m very intrigued by this character and the trailers come at us like a vicious punch in the dark.

Bloodshot official trailer #1

Now for the newest trailer.

Bloodshot official trailer #2

Random thoughts on both trailers:

  • What is that Iron Man red power source in Blooshot’s chest? Does that mean he’s powering up? Is that his power? Is that his rage meter? It appears to have something to do with his regenerative properties.
  • “What is this?” – Vin Diesel. Does Diesel have like the lowest voice of any actor except maybe James Earl Jones (Darth Vader!)
  • Love the shot to the face, go slow, skeleton underneath, and then bounce back
  • The background music does not fit the trailer very good. Johnny Cash is a music icon, but “Memories are Made of This” … don’t know. Maybe it’s an applicable choice once we’ve seen the film, but I’d prefer something more metal and blood pumping like W.A.S.P “Wild Child”
  • I’m totally stoked to see what Diesel does to the “man that murdered my wife”
  • Why is this giving me a little bit of Robocop meets Death Wish meets Ghost Rider meets Universal Soldier vibe?

Bloodshot opens in theaters on March 13, 2020.

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