Picard Weekly Recap Show The Ready Room Hosted by Wil Wheaton

With episode #2 being released at midnight PST on 1/30/2020, Picard fever is rising.

If you can’t get enough of Star Trek: Picard, then CBS has you covered with a weekly recap show freely available on YouTube and elsewhere that covers in depth details on each episode.

And who is hosting but another STNG cast member: Wesley Crusher!

As Wil Wheaton says in the opening, after affectionately calling us all “nerds!”, this is heavy SPOILER stuff, so best watch the episodes first before getting to the recap. In that vein, let me clarify that this post also contains SPOILERS for episode 1 “Remembrance” too, so might want to go watch it first before continuing.

The Ready Room drops at 7am PST (GMT-8) every Thursday, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel for free

I kept checking to see when The Ready Room would appear on CBS All Access through Amazon Prime and it still isn’t there three days later! Not sure why content is delayed being uploaded to Amazon Prime Video channels, but sometimes it is. Have noticed this happening with Shudder when I first (mistakenly) signed up through Amazon Prime.

You can sign up for CBS All Access directly through CBS, which might be a better way. At any rate, you can still get the recap show titled The Ready Room at 7am PST (GMT-8) on YouTube through the channel without any paid subscription.

What’s happening at the Daystrom Institute, you ask? Watch Picard S1:E1 to find out!

The actual new episode of Picard drops early in the morning. As I indicated in my review of episode #1, it was available at 3:30am PST. I heard from the Nerdrotic podcast that it was available before midnight. Maybe for episode #2 I’ll be able to be up at midnight to check it out.

The first episode of The Ready Room has some deep behind the scenes material for the show. It is 23 additional minutes and Wheaton does a good job hosting. He has the executive producer Michael Chabon & director Hanelle Culpepper for a brief interview. It’s good stuff, watch it.

I’m not going to formally review the recap show each week, but probably will be adding links to this show to the episode review posts for additional behind the scenes content that fans can check out. Was an easy YouTube subscription for me. I wish more shows would use social media with bonus content like this for their shows.

Maybe more will. Good move.

6 thoughts on “Picard Weekly Recap Show The Ready Room Hosted by Wil Wheaton

      1. Sure! First off, to make a long text short, I watched all the TV shows and movies in the order they happen in the universe. One thing that happened while I was midway through Insurrection (a guilty pleasure of mine) I could here my roommate talking to… himself I believe? Keep in mind, it was like about 10:30 at night and I was silently watching it while eating some Cap’n Crunch cereal in an effort to stay awake. It was weird. Just watched Picard last night and then passed out and didn’t wake up for a day according to my friend.

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      2. That would probably be quite an undertaking re/watching every single episode of every ST series?!? Would take me quite some time lol. I haven’t seen most of Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery and about half of DS9. I’ve seen STOS many, many times, all STNG and all the feature length films.

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      3. Yeah, I had nothing to do (besides my blog of course!) and I would consider myself a low-key Star Trek fan so yeah… BTW sorry I haven’t posted in a while, if you check there IS a new review on there.

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