Opening 1-30-2020 in Theaters: Gretel and Hansel, The Rhythm Section

Wednesday! Week #5 (1/30 – 2/2/2020) is upon us. The final assault, er, unveiling of new movies in January carrying over into February involving a new take on a very old Brothers Grimm tale and Blake Lively going into revenge mode (think Jennifer Garner in Peppermint?).

Before getting to my final thoughts on these two films, I’m going to be glad to see January 2020 gone. There have been some truly awful films this month. The studios are thinking wrong by not putting up better films in January. If this is the competition, it should be really easy to put up a great film and be on top for multiple weeks on the box office. I don’t get the logic behind dumping films they don’t have as much faith in this month.

I do understand that Oscar hopefuls don’t likely happen in January, but they should be chasing box office revenue more than gold statues. Just saying.

Gretel and Hansel

These past two months the studios seem to be mining stories from the 1800s. Little Women in December, The Turning (based on The Turn of the Screw) and now Gretel & Hansel (based on the 1812 Grimm Fairy Tale). Sure, these were good stories in the 1800s, but why aren’t we making adaptations of more modern stories? It seems that studios think the gold is in the already adapted vs. first time adaptations. It’s like give us another Spider-man instead of exploring a different superhero or antihero.

That said, any horror tale with cannibalism in there has the chance to be disturbing. I’m also curious why the title was inverted? Was it to differentiate somehow from Hansel & Gretel? Like the title change as I’d be less interested if it was the traditional way.

Movie titles are important to me when I don’t know much else. The trailer isn’t blowing me away with the story. Where this all leads is mild anticipation for seeing this film this week.

Anticipation: 4/10

The Rhythm Section

My initial and ongoing interest in this film is Blake Lively. I keep saying she is ready for a breakout role in something. Based on the trailer I’m not sure this is going to be that vehicle. Revenge flicks don’t get much Oscar love, but this is a different type of role than I’ve seen her in, so maybe if she has a strong performance here and gives her momentum for a more ambitious next film.

I keep mentioning Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner, because this reminds me a bit of that film. It’s a different story, perhaps not as brutal and action-oriented and more thought-provoking. A plane crash that wasn’t accidental wiping out her family and her character seeks revenge upon those who caused it. Clearly from the trailer, Lively’s character isn’t seeing passive means to enact revenge. Am curious where this will lead?

This is the film other than 1917, of course, that I’ve most looked forward to seeing in January 2020. Hope it delivers. Will find out very soon.

Anticipation: 7/10

ANTICIPATION for Week #5: 1/30/20 MOVIES

How much on scale of 1-10 anticipating the 1-23-2020 movies? Those marked with asterisk are not available in our area this week, so will carryover in future weeks until available to watch in our area.

  1. The Rhythm Section – 7/10
  2. Gretel & Hansel – 4/10

Are there screenings in our area to see these movies?

Both movies are confirmed wide screenings available at theaters in our area so will be watched, rated and reviewed.  Probably one on Thursday 1/30, the other on Friday 1/31.

Upcoming Friday FIRST LOOK

This Friday 1/31/2020 will be FIRST LOOK for several comic books/superhero movies coming in 2020. There are 8 comics/superhero movies being released in 2020 with the first being Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) [FIRST LOOK] next week. Two are based on DC Comics, Five based on Marvel and one on Valiant.

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