24+ movies to watch in 2020 to make buying an Unlimited Pass worthwhile

Wonder Woman 1984 is the 2020
movie I most want to watch

24 movies watched at the theater is what makes an unlimited pass for the year worth buying. The average moviegoer sees only 3-4 movies per year, which if you’re only seeing that few movies in the theater, it’s better off paying for it on each visit.

Can you identify 24+ movies in 2020 you want to see? Let’s use this post as our reference guide: FIRST LOOK: 75+ Movies Coming To Theaters In 2020 (this post is being updated throughout 2020, so bookmark and return as movies do move around, get dropped and added as time goes on)

Movies I Want To See in 2020

Here is my list — as of this writing — of 24+ wide release movies I’m looking very forward to seeing (or have already seen in January, but still in theaters as of this writing). Keep in mind I am planning on seeing every wide release movie and at least some limited release movies, so my actual list is the one linked above plus additional movies not even on the list.

This list are more noteworthy titles and ones that I find the subject matter especially interesting. My top movies of interest have an asterisk (*) in front of the title.

  1. JANUARY 2020
    *1917 (wide release in US in January 2020) – nominated for 10 Academy Awards
  2. Bad Boys for Life – Martin Lawrence, Will Smith
  3. The Rhythm Section – Blake Lively
  4. *Birds of Prey / Harley Quinn – Margot Robbie
  5. *Fantasy Island – Blumhouse horror remake of classic TV series
  6. *Sonic The Hedgehog – Jim Carrey
  7. Onward – Pixar animated original
  8. *Bloodshot – based on Valiant Comics character starring Vin Diesel
  9. *A Quiet Place Part II – the first one was soooo good!
  10. Mulan – Disney live action, will make a ton of $$, not sure how good it will be
  11. *The New Mutants – Marvel spinoff
  12. *No Time To Die – Bond 25, Daniel Craig’s last dance as Bond
  13. *Trolls World Tour – rock and roll evil trolls? Sign me up!
  14. *Black Widow – ScarJo in her standalone Marvel movie
  15. *Scoob! – a younger Scoob looks like fun
  16. Saw 9: The Organ Donor
  17. Fast & Furious 9
  18. *Wonder Woman 1984 – the 80s and Wonder Woman back kicking it!
  19. Top Gun: Maverick
  20. *Free Guy – Ryan Reynolds as player in videogame
  21. Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  22. Tenet
  23. *Morbius
  24. Escape Room 2
  25. *Bill & Ted Face The Music
  26. Monster Hunter
  27. Venom 2
  28. *Halloween Kills
  29. *The Eternals
  30. King Richard
  31. *Godzilla vs. Kong
  32. Dune
  33. *Coming 2 America
  34. West Side Story

There are other movies with titles listed that I don’t know enough about as of this writing and/or there are no trailers available yet to fully gauge my interest. It seems like it is within 90 days of the release date that we learn the most about a movie coming out and can fully determine interest in watching. In some cases it’s less than 45 days. Only the major blockbusters tend to get advertising and promotion six months or more away.

Being it’s the end of January, I’m going more off of the source material and or what type of movie it is rather than any real details on the film. Like James Herbert’s Dune is a fantastic novel but can/will it be adapted to the screen good? Don’t know. West Side Story is from Steven Spielberg and I like many of his movies, plus the source material is good. Coming 2 America is the sequel to Eddie Murphy’s classic comedy and I’m very excited about seeing that.

If you haven’t seen any of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture, there are 8 more movies than the 34 listed above. There are also some notable animated movies I didn’t list above like Minions: The Rise of Gru in July. For that matter, July is shaping up to be the best month in 2020 for new movies.

How many movies in 2020 are you looking forward to seeing in the theater?

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