30+ more 1917 Reviews – Google used for rotting horses and humans research

1917 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

With 10 Academy Award nominations and a lot of great reviews (more being posted every day!), life is good for director Sam Mendes and company.

One of the Oscar nominations is for Hair and Makeup Special Effects (my prediction is the Bombshell team will win for the work done on Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly) and I didn’t think of that applying to corpses and horses … and yet it does.

Research was integral to the process. Over the years, Versluis had built up a back catalog of images of real corpses, which came in handy when his team hadto start designing the various stages of decay. The art department also provided him with research, as did on-set historian Andrew Robertshaw. “We could sit down with him and quiz him about anything. We got as much factual research as we could,” Versluis says, adding that Google turned out to be helpful with images of rotting horses and humans.

Makeup FX Pros on Making Realistic Dead Bodies for WWI Movie ‘1917’ – Variety

LOL on that last sentence which I bolded to emphasize. Google is such a great research tool. It’s hard to imagine a world without it and yet it’s barely been with us for 25 years. Wonder if we’ll still be using Google in 25 more years or … maybe something else to search for information on rotting horses and humans?

Bets being taken for Oscars including 1917 in New Jersey, thanks to Draftkings

Sam Mendes is the odds on favorite for Best Director for the Oscars. That is one of my predictions made hours after the nominations were announced. The oddsmakers like Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood for the Best Picture with the second favorite being 1917 (my choice). Also, they like Renee Zellweger for Best Actress (my choice).

How Long Will 1917 Keep Screening?

If it wins several Academy Awards next month, and to think with 10 nominations it won’t win at least one or two, I think it’s safe to predict it makes it through the entire month. Just in case it doesn’t, this is really one of those movies you have to see on the big screen to become fully immersed in the experience. You’ll see several people mention this in their reviews in a little bit and I think it’s a great point.

This might also look cool on an Oculus VR up close, so that’s another potential great way to view it when it comes to streaming.

More Reviews by Others

The reviews just keep pouring into the blogs I’m reading and so many are making great observations about the film. If you want to learn more about what people truly thought of this film, just read a variety of opinions — good, bad and indifferent — on the film. I’m grouping them together below, so you can read, click through and enjoy.

  1. A Little Bit Of Everything: “…is unbelievably impressive and is the sort of film everyone should experience at least once. That said between the character drama not being as engaging as the filmmakers wanted it to be and the general sense that I’ve seen these techniques and themes pulled off more effectively in other media I can’t deny that I’m not as high on it as I would like”
  2. Beetleypete: “Despite some wonderful, often eye-popping visuals, and a soundtrack that suited the film perfectly, I just didn’t believe the story. The whole concept of the plot felt contrived”
  3. bhalmurali: “The entire movie is a technical marvel. “
  4. Captain Killjoy’s Film Reviews: “Beautifully shot and superbly acted, 1917 is an immersive experience- but not a comfortable one.”
  5. C.F.J Film Reviews: “…was a welcome surprise for me. I thought I had the movie pegged from the trailer alone but was pleasantly surprised by just how engaged by everything I was.”
  6. Clay Bones: “is a breathtaking experience that looks to sweep up a few awards this season, and deservedly so.”
  7. Deadly Movies & TV (Grade: A): “works because it was made with care and precision and possesses a beating heart. Audiences have responded not to the tracking shots, but to the story of two young men in a horrible situation, which just so happens to also be one of the year’s best productions.”
  8. Fan Fuel Sports: “The Sam Mendes produced film and top notch cast takes you on a horrific journey through a war torn France during the First World War that you’ll have trouble forgetting.”
  9. Geekas: “What Sam Mendes was able to do was make you the third person on this journey, which I have never really experienced, in movies or tv.”
  10. Hiking Historian: “Overall, I would say the film is definitely a must-see, if not just for the spectacle of it, and admiring the mastery of the cinematography and the seamless nature of the filming. Just don’t expect a deep and meaningful story, despite it being up for Best Screenplay”
  11. Jacob Mohr: “…is a thrilling theater experience. If you do plan on seeing the film I do strongly recommend that you see it in a theater setting, as I believe the feel of the film and the epic scale would be lost in viewing it on a phone screen or a small TV.”
  12. Jim Norman / On Film: “A culmination of the shot, performances and score result in a film that is purely cinematic. A story of individual masculine heroism, it will undoubtedly succeed at the Academy Awards.”
  13. Just a Little Bit Random: “Sam Mendes will very likely win the Best Director Oscar this year for his work on this film, and when you watch 1917 it’s clear to see how.”
  14. Just a Three Cent Blog (7/10): “Overall I was impressed by the technical aspects of the film and thought that it was generally well-executed.”
  15. Keep It Short (9.5/10): “To nobody’s surprise, this movie is absolutely incredible.”
  16. Knap on the Go (8/10): “Cinematography is unmatched, acting is impeccable from the two main British soldiers that we follow, and the pace is great”
  17. Leah Richardson’s Film Studies Blog: “I really hope this film wins an Oscar as it definitely deserves it. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and found myself really immersed in the film due to its realism.”
  18. Lucy Goes To Hollywood (5/5): “This film is deserving of all its critical acclaim, and I’m really hoping it at least gets Best Cinematography at this year’s Oscars. It’s an incredible cinematic achievement.”
  19. Luke / Duffhood (7/10): “The plot and characters are just too standard and don’t say anything new about World War 1 or the act of war. Its execution however, putting the audience in the shoes of a soldier travelling through a war zone, is incredible and for that, I recommend it.”
  20. movieknight23: “I enjoyed the movie while I was watching it, but its effects wore off on me almost as soon as I left the theater.”
  21. Murdocal (5/5): “This is not just a lesson in film making but is an outstanding portrayal of war on film.”
  22. PickACritic: “It’s gorgeous, it’s intense, but also shallow, in the way that war, bloodshed, and death is.”
  23. Rosa’s Reviews (10/10): “This is a film that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. “1917” will leave you with the unique experience of taking you alongside these characters through their journey, all while admiring the gorgeous cinematography.”
  24. Scottyssey: ““1917,” while not a particularly risky picture, is nonetheless a nearly perfect film. One which accomplishes everything it sets out to achieve in every element of its production.”
  25. sickflickblog (9.5/10): “The scene was he runs across the battlefield is my favorite scene it has the perfect music perfect setting for it.”
  26. Sometimes Objective Reviews: “If you’re into war films, and/or you are interested in the behind the scenes techniques of some pretty stellar filmmaking then go right on ahead and watch”
  27. Stanko’s Stance: “Seriously all hail Roger Deakins and Sam Mendes the visual brilliance of 1917. You have to see it in a movie theater. Can’t recommend it enough.”
  28. The80sTom: “…despite the disappointing score, for me this film captures a dark time in humanity so very well, with care and evident passion for the subject matter and the people involved in this dreadful episode in our history.”
  29. The Edinburgh Reporter: “An almighty gamble has paid off and the one-shot wonder of ‘1917’ should be handsomely rewarded as an iconic cinematic accomplishment alone. It deserves to be experienced on the big screen and will stay with you long after you leave the cinema.”
  30. The Rich Report: “…this movie is one of the great achievements in cinematic history.”
  31. Vijay from Muscat: “You need to watch 1917 on the big screen and preferably on IMAX to get a ringside view of what it meant to be on the war fronts those days!”
  32. Williamjmcginn (Grade: A+): “…once in a while a movie comes along that brings us a reminder of the avant-garde power of filmmaking while simultaneously entertaining us, cheering in suspense as we can’t wait to see the film again. 1917 is the perfect example of one of these movies.”

For more reviews see: 45+ 1917 Reviews – Real WWI Trench Warfare

6 thoughts on “30+ more 1917 Reviews – Google used for rotting horses and humans research

  1. Thanks for including my review in your list, Todd. Definitely a film worth seeing at the cinema. I don’t think it will work in the same way on a home TV, or streamed on a Tablet or phone. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I’m a huge fan of reading reviews by others. Thank you for taking the time to write one. Posts like these are my tangible way of saying thank you to others who take the time to write them. Happy movie watching to you!


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