One word titles can be descriptive or vague, but this one is fitting. The word just screams a description of an emotional drama movie. What is this about?

Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (The Butler, Black Panther) and Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) star in a powerful and timely true-story of faith and love overcoming hate. Set in a small South Carolina town scarred from deep-rooted racism in the mid-nineties, an unlikely friendship forms when an African American Reverend (Whitaker) shelters Mike Burden (Hedlund) a KKK member, along with his girlfriend Judy, a single mother played by Andrea Riseborough. Through his faith and love, Reverend Kennedy helps Mike leave his violent past in the Klan ultimately helping to heal the community.

Movie Insider Burden info
Forest Whitaker stars as a reverend providing shelter for a KKK member

A former KKK man trying to leave his racist past behind with the help of reverend Forest Whitaker? Sign me up. I never really bought Whitaker as the host of The Twilight Zone revival series (remember that?), but he’s a skilled actor and this could be a surprisingly meaty role for him to sink his skilled acting teeth into.

Burden opens as a LIMITED release in theaters on February 28, 2020.

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