Why is Blumhouse adding their name in FRONT of Fantasy Island?

The red pen is mine, the logo is from the Sony/Blumhouse official movie website

Am surprised that nobody is talking about Blumhouse adding their name in front of the title of the iconic TV show Fantasy Island … as if to suggest they now own this creative property.

Do they?

It wasn’t that way until recently when all of a sudden it just appeared. Some websites are now referring to it (Cinemablend, IMDB) as it appears on the official website as Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island.


I get branding, and Blumhouse has had some really good movies, so I don’t mean to make this about their company in particular, but I no more would want to see: Disney’s Star Wars or Disney’s Iron Man, so why the heck is Blumhouse putting their name before something they didn’t originally create?

Heck, Rod Serling didn’t even do that with The Twilight Zone, and he did create it!

And furthermore, Sony is a much bigger name. Why not make it Sony’s Fantasy Island?

I don’t get this advertising at all. Anybody who has seen the preview or trailer fully understands that this is a remake/reboot/whatever by Blumhouse and Sony. Somebody please explain the need for adding this to the title.

Blumhouse didn’t create Fantasy Island. It bought a license to make some kind of reboot or horror film based upon the original 70s TV series. It doesn’t belong permanently to Blumhouse, at least as far as I know, so why are they putting their name in front of it? They are like the intellectual renters, using the space for X period of time — perhaps only this one movie, but if it does well, maybe a sequel or two.

They certainly didn’t create Fantasy Island, that belongs to the late Gene Levitt. Have to wonder what he’d think about this? Or maybe the other two big names pictured below who are no longer with us…

Maybe Sony and Blumhouse paid more to be able to add their name to the title thinking this additional branding will put more butts in the theater seats, but I’d argue for fans of both Blumhouse and Fantasy Island that this is not a positive move.

And if it starts something with other studios thinking this is some genius marketing move, it’s opening pandora’s box on advertising.

This odd branding exercise aside, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Blumhouse has created with the movie. I’m just surprised that nobody else is raising a stink about this. Maybe they are, the internet is a big place and I’m noticing something others have already said was a questionable practice.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a regular occurrence from film studios. When advertisers can buy top billing in movie title space, that’s going to be a real bummer (Imagine if there was: Colt 45’s The Godfather or Budweiser’s Animal House … sigh)

Do not whore out titles, please.


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