40+ Bad Boys For Life Reviews – A fourth movie is already being discussed

A common move for TV series is to renew the second season early in the start of the first, but rarely do we see feature films get a sequel greenlit before they start screening. Bad Boys franchise fans will appreciate this one.

Just as Sony readies for the Friday release of the third installment of the action franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it is making moves to develop a fourth entry, thus extending even further the sporadic buddy cop movie series that began in 1995.

‘Bad Boys 4’ in the Works (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

From here we’re entering SPOILERS territory.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS beyond ….

Good to see Martin Lawrence back

He’s the funny man to the straighter comedy played Will Smith, and has some of the best funny lines in the film. He’s been my favorite part of these films, so glad to see him back after the 17 years since the second film.

Why it took 17 years to make the third film

It was a question of quality, not money, according to Will Smith.

“The reason it took so long is that I didn’t want to make it just as a cash grab,” he added.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Fun, Not Memorable

The biggest knock on this film is that it’s generic. Almost everything about it is fun and entertaining, but it’s not anything different, fresh or new. It’s the standard playbook for buddy cop action comedies, it doesn’t take any chances or major risks. It’s vanilla ice cream, not rocky road with a cherry on top and peanut butter chunk sprinkles.

Most reviews I’ve been reading talk about the entertainment and fun but none cite anything as fresh. This is a standard fare popcorn movie with two very likable leads: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Reviews by Others

What are others saying about Bad Boys for Life?


  1. AwardsWatch / Dewey Singleton: “If explosions, fast cars, and hilarious moments are what you’re seeking, then look no further.”
  2. Colorstream Media: “Many films in Hollywood take stabs at forced diversity.  In Bad Boys For Life, it works without feeling contrived.”
  3. Caillou Movie Reviews (Grade: B): “…may not contain a gripping or dramatic story, but it does contain exactly what it should; exciting action sequences, great humor, and fun performances.”
  4. Christene Johnson / Runpee (Grade: A): “I don’t think you can go wrong with this movie. I’d recommend it to anyone.”
  5. Cinema Trace: “…is a good action comedy. It has a lot of fun humor and action to make this movie worth seeing on the big screen.”
  6. Corndogs Chat (3/5): “Smith and Lawrence make this movie and make this series. This will be an easy movie to recommend to fans of the series.”
  7. Defy Life: “…thankfully this third installment was a good time! The screening audience laughed together. We said “ooooooohhhhhh” together. We were even sad together. It’s crazy how decent writing and new directors can have that effect.”
  8. Eddie & Jordan The Movie Guys (3.5/5): “Against the odds and despite missing Michael Bay, Bad Boys for Life is a seriously fun big screen return for Detectives Burnett and Lowery that is sure to be a big hit with long time fans.”
  9. Fast Film Reviews / Mark Hobin (3/5): “…is undemanding fun.  That is — it has little value beyond providing an evening’s worth of amusement.”
  10. Hi-Fi Way: “These iconic bad boys connected with us through multiple decades and the third instalment surpassed all expectations. This is a sure-fire hit.”
  11. Irish Film Critic: “In the end, “Bad Boys for Life” sets out to do one thing and one thing only: entertain. And you have my word, it does exactly that.”
  12. Jason Bleau / Cinema Spotlight (4/5): “…is a welcome addition to the modern action genre and, in my opinion, by far the best of the three films in the series to date. It’s funny, packs plenty of pulse-pounding action, sports great characters and personalities in the form of new and old favorites and provides plenty of infectious energy mixed with genuine heart to create a full experience even if it is an all too familiar one in the grand scheme of things.”
  13. Josh Lasser / The TV & Film Guy’s Reviews (4/5): “It is, perhaps, the purest form these various elements with which we are so familiar, and as silly as the hint about what the next movie in the franchise may be, I’ll be there for it.”
  14. Keith Noakes / KeithLovesMovies (80%): “Not only were Lowrey and Burnett fun to watch, the action was also exciting to watch. Though the action could be considered mindless, it was surprisingly well-shot as the film finds the right balance between action, drama, and comedy.”
  15. Ken Murray/The Nerds Templar: “For a movie I expected so little from, I have to say, I had a ton of fun with it.”
  16. Keith Young / KEITH on Reels: “I found it to be a first-rate action comedy that is much better than the original two versions of the Bad Boys franchise as a result of its effectively timed action and comedy that makes for a fun and exciting blockbuster movie.”
  17. Kevin Gootee (7/10): “What you gonna do? Turn your brain off and enjoy shit blowing up for 2 hours.”
  18. Let’s Talk About Movies (2.5): “It may fall short at times, but overall, I think it has all the right ingredients to satisfy longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.”
  19. Matt Brunson / Film Frenzy (3/4}: “…is a frequently funny and furiously fast-paced picture that nevertheless finds time to slow down and smell the consequences.’
  20. Matinee Chat with Kathy Kaiser: ” I can gladly share that it’s as if no time has passed at all, as they are both back, in all their glory, as out favorite detectives defending the streets of Miami!  But with that said, there is something missing with this latest installment too, as it just doesn’t have the same intensity as a whole, as the original two films did.”
  21. Moore Reviews: “is not the typical return of a legendary franchise as Smith and Lawrence are undeniably hilarious and there’s a genuine care that fans will surely appreciate.”
  22. Movie Reviews 101 / Darren Lucas: “This is a blast, so much fun with Smith and Lawrence hitting out the park with their performances.”
  23. M.U.S.E Enthusiasts (4.5/5): “The 3rd installment in this franchise delivers! “
  24. Music Movies Thoughts (3.5/5): “Overall, I really enjoyed this story and thought it was not only funny but a great addition the Bad Boys franchise.”
  25. Nerdtropolis (8/10): “To me, the Bad Boys franchise is a sexier version of Lethal Weapon with more flair and explosions and Bad Boys For Life delivers another fun blockbuster.”
  26. Oretha: “The wonderful moral thread that weaves its way through the film is worth the price of admission. It even has a faith strand that most of us have faced head on from time to time that is neither preachy judgmental”
  27. Pop Culture Uncovered: “…this is a very good movie and pays homage to the prior two films.”
  28. Robert Daniels (3.5/4): “…a throwback dumb action film, meant to bridge to a fourth installment. To these ends, it lovingly tends its roots and watches its new branches grow in a crowd pleasing romp.”
  29. Rock At The Movies (7/10): “This is a surprisingly entertaining time at the movies, which is the best you can hope for.”
  30. Sean McConville Reviews (6/10): “It is a surprise to find myself enjoying Bad Boys for life as much as I did.”
  31. The Movie Grader: “I highly recommend rounding up your best buds to see this funny and entertaining “buddy cop” movie. Bad Boys for Life is one ride you do not want to miss!”
  32. The Silver Screen Analysis (80%): “…if you like this franchise and are on the fence about this third entry, I suggest giving it a shot because I had a blast with it and walked out of the theater smiling.”
  33. Timothy Hall / The People’s Critic (Grade: B): “is a lot of fun. It’s everything fans of the franchise could want. It’s funny throughout and shifts into high octane action when it needs to.”

Not Recommended

  1. Bailey’s Buzz: “The action is intense and nonstop. The jokes land, for the most part. And the acting is passable. It is a fine movie, but don’t go in expecting anything spectacular. It’s a mindless two hour action comedy that you can just sit back and enjoy”
  2. BYT / Brightest Young Thing: “…has a sentimental streak that undercuts their attempts at bravado, including silly ploy twists that are so implausible that they can only be explained by Will Smith’s personal obsession with a very specific idea.”
  3. Danniel M. Kimmel / NorthShoreMovies (2/5): “Those who are invested in the series will no doubt want to see it, but if you haven’t even thought about these characters since 2003, watching “Bad Boys For Life” will feel like going to a high school reunion and running into people whose names and faces are, at best, dim memories”
  4. FalkenScreen: “The third instalment not making a sequel look promising, one would be better off jumping back 25 years and revisiting the original.”
  5. Francisco L. Silva / BACK ROW (2/5): “…is a film that exists and I’m still not sure if it’s a good thing. It will please fans, and nothing else. Doubt it will rekindle the careers of both Smith and Lawrence, unless they keep making these as long as they are alive… oh no, the title is threat, isn’t it?”
  6. Funk’s House of Geekery (5/10): “It’s a competently made film, but it’s not powered by creativity or new ideas. It only exists for nostalgia.”
  7. Grant Watson: “The storyline is, of course, an absolute nonsense about Mexican drug kingpins, cries of revenge, car chases, explosions, and being ‘bad boys for life’. It is not difficult to follow, but it is deeply unbelievable and very silly.”
  8. IslandMovieBlogs (7/10): “is just as fun a ride as you hope it might be, and if thats what you go in there looking for, you’re not going to be disappointed.”
  9. Patrick Beatty Reviews (6.5/10): “…it is a silly action adventure that can entertain with some decent serf prodded, stunts and fighting.”
  10. Roger In Orlando / Movie Nation (2/4): “Three movies in, and we know less about these two than ever. Still, lower the expectations bar enough and you won’t be disappointed.”
  11. Screen Zealots / Louisa (3/5): “…isn’t great, but it’s good enough. And I’ll admit it: I can’t wait to see part four.”
  12. The Radcliff Reviews (6/10): “Yet after two prior films that didn’t shy away from pushing things to the limit and beyond, the more subdued (or subdued by Bad Boys standards) attempt just feels incomplete and a bit incompatible with what we’ve had.”
  13. What Went Wrong Or Right With? (4/10): “There is still a spark there, a chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence that should have resulted in a better film, however with the lacklustre writing and directing, this isn’t it.”

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