Regal Moviegoers, Claim Your Digital Copies

The emails came out this week for the Regal promotions from Lionsgate and STX films. Did you see all the movies above and use your Regal Crown Club card?

If you watch certain movies in the theater and use your Regal Crown Club card (free), then you’ll be emailed a verification code so that you can get a free digital copy.

Enter in the code at sites like VUDU and …

Voila! The movie appears in your digital library.

This is one of the easiest ways to build your digital library without doing anything extra. If you have the Regal Unlimited Pass yes, this works too. Both my wife and I received digital redemption codes for all the movies shown above. We saw them in the theater, received the codes this week, redeemed and now have the movies.

This means you can pay like $22/month and see all the new movies in theaters you want, as many times as you want and if you watch out for deals like the ones shown in this post, you’ll also be emailed at a later date codes to redeem free digital copies of the movie.

Very cool deal!


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