Now Featuring FIRST LOOK Fridays

Every Friday here at this blog, at least two new FIRST LOOK at coming soon movies starting … today 1/17/2020


In my ongoing quest to better organize and deliver more of what readers and myself are finding interesting, announcing something new on Fridays called: FIRST LOOK Fridays.

Every Friday starting today, 1/17/2020, there will be at least two new FIRST LOOK posts featuring movies coming to theaters in the future. Some movies might be only a week or two away, some as much as six months or longer into the future.

If you’re new to reading this blog, you can read our past first look posts by following the FIRST LOOK tag, so the type of post isn’t new, it’s simply a designated day where readers can reliably turn in each week and find some of these posts.

If you look at the image at the top of this post there is a hint at (likely) FIRST LOOK coming to theater movies that will be showing up in posts throughout today and Fridays beyond. My usual workflow has me loading these into the drafts and watching and rewatching the trailers, riffing thoughts off that as well as any news articles and blog posts.

The FIRST LOOK: Doolittle (2020) is the most read of these type posts to date here, so I’m guessing this movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. was of great interest and curiosity to moviegoers, even though the early reviews are not good. I’ll be seeing Doolittle at some point today.

Will still be posting FIRST LOOK posts on other days of the week as has been the case since this blog started and there will be non-FIRST LOOK posts some Fridays too to go along with the 2+ posts mentioned above.

There are links to FIRST LOOK posts in the coming soon section as well. These coming soon posts are also popular here, so I’m working on those behind the scenes too. You can follow the coming soon link at the top of the page.

Thank you for reading and happy movie watching to you!

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