FIRST LOOK: The Call Of The Wild (2020)

Very nice poster art!

Harrison Ford and (sort of) a dog companion.

Excess CGI dog is what seems to be the early concern/reaction to the official trailer. Some of the comments I’ve read have made me laugh out loud. Call me crazy, but the internet has some really funny people commenting on movies on Youtube, Twitter, and so on. People who get all lathered up over all sorts of things, some of which you wouldn’t think matter that much. Too much CGI dog in a movie about a man and his dog?

This is the era of PETA where you have to be real careful with what is done with animals. Heaven help you if it appears any live animals are put in danger in a movie and, let’s be real, this movie has some potentially dog dangerous scenes like the dog jumping into that freezing water.

Have you watched the trailer?

Senior Citizen Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark … er, no, it’s The Call Of The Wild!

This is based of the famous 1903 novel by Jack London and, like Little Women, it has had numerous adaptations through the years. The director is Chris Sanders who is best known for writing and directing Lilo and Stitch.

My concern with this movie isn’t the CGI dog. I’ll let others on the internet police trailer effects. I do think that’s a worthy concern, as evidenced by what happen to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, so god bless the CGI cops.

I’m worried about Harrison Ford’s age. Less so here, because it isn’t an action film, moreso in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 due out (maybe) in 2021. Also, this movie has $109 million budget, so it joins that $100+ million budget club. How much of that is going to the dog? Don’t know.

This could be a dry run of what Indy might be like in his senior years.

Look, we all get old. I’ve been gray for years, but it saddens me to think of an 77 year old Harrison Ford in a movie with a CGI dog dubbed “the adventure of the lifetime.” When the dramatic line from Ford to the dog is “you’ve been sleeping in … my bed.” LOL, seriously, who can make this stuff up?

Are you looking forward to see this movie?

The Call of the Wild opens in theaters on February 21, 2020.

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