Opening 1-9-2020 in Theaters: Underwater, Like A Boss, 1917, Just Mercy

Wednesday, our warm and friendly cinematic calendar day friend, has sprung upon us again!

This week a total of four wide release movies will be available to watch. A huge improvement over last week’s lone, poorly received horror release.

The question is, which one of these wide release movies to see first? We’re planning to see them all, of course, but by the time we’re finished with this post you’ll know our preferred viewing order based on anticipation

Enough small talk, let’s take one last look at all of the trailers and gather some final pre-watch thoughts on each film.


Underwater official trailer

Alien underwater. That remains what I’m looking for and that’s (probably) too high an expectation of what it’s going to be. I love the claustrophobic setting miles below at the bottom of the ocean floor where who knows what monstrous creatures exist. Next to 1917, this is my most anticipated film this week.

Kristen Stewart needs to be better than she was in Charlie’s Angels ⭐️½ . If she is in another bomb than her limited star power, at least in this moviegoer’s mind, is going to fade almost entirely.

Also — and will have nothing to do with the rating and review of the movie — I wish she’d grow out her hair. Why the super short hairstyle? I know, I know, she likes women, but who makes the rules that lesbians or bisexuals or whatever is her sexuality (that doesn’t matter) can’t have long hair? Maybe old fashioned but enjoy seeing women with long, flowing hair. Heck, some guys look good with long hair, too! Am a prodigy of the 80s where the hair was a big thing, what can I say. Long hair naturally accentuates a woman’s beauty. Stewart is a good looking woman and the short hair thing just isn’t working. Is she trying to look like Ellen Degeneres (who also would look better with longer hair)?

At least they could have wigged Stewart up for this role. Maybe having short hair seven miles under the ocean matters somehow. Yeah, yeah, she’s not making some fashion statement in the darkness of the ocean. Sharks like long hair, I’ve been told 😉

Anticipation: 6/10

Like A Boss

Like A Boss official trailer

After seeing the NSFW trailer I’m slightly more interested in this film, but almost none of anything has been funny to me in the trailer. The goat milk spit out was just yuck, not hahah. Not the characters, the story, the situations and Tiffany Haddish is one of my least favorite comedians. Please, can anybody reading tell me any funny parts that Haddish has acted in to date? Everything I see her do is that same tired raspy voice Nicolas Cage overacting whinge.

It’s probably a tie with Haddish and Melissa McCarthy who, again, have never found anything she’s done to be funny. I don’t even think McCarthy is a good actress and yet somehow she keeps returning for more films. Probably because they’re making money on films she’s in. Same must be the case with Haddish(?)

Salma Hayek and Rose Byrne seem better cast here. I could be wrong about all this and Haddish makes me laugh out loud, This is all part of the fun of not knowing until you see the movie what we’re going to get. Game on!

Anticipation: 3/10

And this week opening wide in theaters are two previously limited released films:

[FIRST LOOK] – Golden Globe WINNER – Best Motion Picture – Drama

1917 official trailer

The biggest draw for this film with me is the one continuous shot cinematography that was promoted for a couple months by director Sam Mendes and famous cinematographer Roger Deakins. I realize this won’t really be exactly as advertised — there will be clever edits to preserve the illusion– but it’s supposed to look that way, which is intriguing. Can an entire film stand on a camera gimmick? No, it can’t, but maybe it is as Mendes suggested, the perfect technical way to use the camera.

The story is the second biggest draw, although as admitted here several times before, I’m not a big fan of war films. This is an award winning film so it could really be something special to watch and the trailer makes it seem very fast-paced and action-oriented.

My only disappointment in 1917 as of this writing is that I haven’t been able to watch it yet. Stop teasing me already!

Something tells me I’m going to be very entertained by this film. Can’t wait!

Anticipation: 9/10

Just Mercy

Just Mercy official trailer

Legal thrillers are one of my favorite thriller subgenres, but I’m not completely getting that vibe from the trailer. However, it’s reminding me of other legal thriller movies. If it was based on anything by John Grisham (it’s not) my interest would be at least 7/10, similar to anything new by Stephen King being 7/10 minimum. Who knows, this might blow me away. We’ll see.

Anticipation: 4/10

ANTICIPATION for Week of 1/09/20 MOVIES

How much on scale of 1-10 anticipating the 1-09-2020 movies? Those marked with asterisk are not available in our area this week, so will carryover in future weeks until available to watch in our area.

  1. *1917 – 9/10
  2. Underwater – 6/10
  3. Just Mercy – 4/10
  4. Like A Boss – 3/10

Are there screenings in our area to see these movies?

All four movies are wide screenings and available at theaters in our area so will be watched, rated and reviewed. Probably will watch two on Thursday and two Friday, but might have to watch one or two on Saturday, just depends on work schedules.

Happy movie watching to all!

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