Even if Avatar 2 sucks, the Mercedes Vision Avtr looks amazing

Regardless how good, bad or average Avatar 2 will be in 2021, this car is very cool looking

Move over, Marty, this car blows the Delorean out of Avatar’s seaworld water.

Much like the hugely profitable sci-fi movie it’s inspired by, the Vision Avtr uses expensive bleeding-edge technology to convey a message of reconnecting with nature. The car features round organic shapes, pulsating neon lights, and “bionic flap” scales on the back. The aesthetic is on the razor’s edge of hypnotic and gross, again like Avatar. You don’t even use a steering wheel. The controls are projected onto your body. Very spiritual. Very Avatar.

Sony, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Have CES 2020 Cars for Some Reason – Geek.com

Saw this come out of CES 2020 yesterday and see the Twitter feed on fire about Avatar. Will get to that in a minute but first the techie that still lives inside me must comment on the car. The car!

For me it’s like Fantasy Island’s Tattoo’s excitement with da plane, da plane! Who wouldn’t want to drive around in that super cool car? Sure, it’s pure concept at this point, and I’ll probably never be able to own in this life, but hey, in my dreams. It is super gaudy which isn’t really my style either, but … oh my. I’m more of a get in whatever runs to get from point A to point B guy versus spending more money on cars than houses cost.

This car looks like it might cost more than several houses.

No Steering Wheel Makes Perfect Sense

There is emphasis on having no steering wheel like that matters. Why? The steering wheel should be gone in futuristic cars. I think the logical next step in tech and driving is not requiring us to drive at all.

The technology gets us safely and securely to wherever we’re going. Those who want to drive, need to drive, sure, have some kind of mental Avatar-like hookup to the brain that allows people to take most control of the wheel. Assuming the driver isn’t impaired. I trust technology to be better drivers than human beings, sorry.

I digress. If this car was affordable (not!) and available right now, I’d be at the dealership.

Did Avatar Wait Too Long For The Sequel?

Some twitterers are saying they’ve lost interest because it’s been 10+ years since the last Avatar.

Wrong way to look at movies. Especially sequels.

I’m glad Cameron took his time making the Avatar sequels. Really, really glad. Can more filmmakers work years putting out the most exciting, entertaining movies, please? Let it age and breathe, not crank it out like it’s part of some assembly line. Too many movies are rushed. Heck, there are stories out saying Rise of Skywalker ⭐️⭐️½  was rushed too. If that’s true, and I believe it is, Disney should have baked it longer. Sounds like JJ Abrams wanted more time.

And yes, Cameron was busy diving to the bottom of the ocean setting depth records and not working on Avatar for some of the last 10+ years. Once he put his toes in the sequel water, he’s been going at it full time.

He sacrificed the director’s chair in Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½  — probably to that movie’s detriment — to work on Avatar 2. I don’t know if it’s going to be great or suck or be ho-hum, but it will definitely have some cool tech.

Ang Lee had cool tech in Gemini Man ⭐️⭐️ and we all know how that turned out.

My faith is stronger with Cameron when he’s in the director’s chair. And he has experience and director success history on his side. Think about it, how many bad films has he done as director? (I don’t blame his limited involvement first experience in Piranha 2, btw)

We’ll find out in 2021, assuming no more delays. I like the fact that he’s shooting a trilogy of films at once a la Back To The Future sequels. Those impatient for more Avatar after the sequel, will get their fix much sooner.

Me? I’m happy to wait longer for the movie. Just make the story sing and it’s all good.


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