25+ more Little Women Reviews​​​​​​​ – Hey, Men Like This Film, Too

Little Women ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m a fan and a man. Deal with it.

Little Women has found an audience, and it’s selling tickets. But it breaks no sociopolitical ground, and men don’t like it. If it earns Oscar nominations, how are the filmmakers to know that they are the result of the movie’s excellence, not of the campaign conducted by angry white women in the prestige newspapers? Perhaps the film may suffer the lowest fate of all in the outrage economy: to be understood, principally, as a work of art.

Little Women​​​​​​​’s Real Feminist Problem – The Atlantic

Really, really hate how I’m being told that men don’t like this movie (emphasis in quote above is mine). This type of wide stereotyping is hypocritical. Women putting down men is no different than men doing the same.

Alas, I keep writing that the way for women to change the good old boys movie network is to do exactly what some creative women are already doing: make good films!

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Little Women?


  1. aixcentric: “We loved it too and came out of the cinema feeling it to be a very happy start to 2020”
  2. Annette: “LOVED how all the sisters has a fleshed out storyline.”
  3. Book Beach Bunny: “It’s a good film but it’s an average film with a lovely, timeless story and nice message and far better stuff is likely going to be overlooked (not the least of which is Pugh’s performance in”
  4. Cinema Etc / Davey (Grade: A): “Maybe I’m just a sap, or maybe I’m just in a spectacular mood after the film, but if a film can put me in this good of a mood, doesn’t that cement how successful it is?”
  5. Cinema Spotlight / Jason (5/5): ““Little Women” shows that telling the same story over and over again can have its merits and I’m thrilled that my first time seeing this particular story gave me something great to behold.”
  6. Commas and Ampersands: “Greta Gerwig’s vision brought something new and fresh to the classic, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for weeks.”
  7. Fast Film Reviews (3.5/5): “…the presentation looks and sounds amazing (costumes, production design, score).  As I mentioned before, the performances are a commendable achievement.   There’s a lot to recommend.   I was entertained but ultimately I wasn’t WOWed.”
  8. fivethreeninety: “I feel like my soul was fed watching this film. It really, honestly touched me.”
  9. gibberish: “Overall it’s a great ensemble production with the real star of the show, Great Gerwig.”
  10. Jeanne: “Greta Gerwig’s new movie version of Little Women has changed my mind about wanting a literary detective to go into the book and change the ending”
  11. Joanne Guidoccio: “Director/Writer Greta Gerwig brings fresh relevance to the storyline of an American classic that has stood the test of time for over 150 years.”
  12. Little Movie Reviews / Sarah (Grade: A): “Through Gerwig’s direction and writing, along with a talented cast, this new take is exquisitely done.”
  13. maryloudriedger: “I think one of the reasons Greta Gerwig’s film Little Women is proving so popular is because she gives us new insight into some of the characters in the much-beloved novel, helping us see them through a modern lens in ways that are both engaging and intriguing.”
  14. moviejoltz: “the directing and writing were wonderful as the scenes came across in a thoughtful, beautiful way upon the screen. This was a surprise for me because I came in feeling like I was going to see the same thing I have seen in other versions of the story.”
  15. notlefthandedfilmguy: “The film is a triumph for women in film just as the novel was for women in literature.”
  16. Often Off Topic: “I actually ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would.”
  17. Randall Golden: “Regardless: I, a male, willingly saw Little Women in defiance of the three dudes who purported to represent the grossly generalized aesthetic will of 150 million other dudes. And it was my idea to see it in theaters, not my wife’s.”
  18. Ripple Effects: “…a joyous celebration of family and life. It’s an innovative feature, and a worthy rendition keeping Louisa May Alcott’s story intact and her spirit alive.”
  19. RockAtTheMovies (8/10): “Its a warm, expertly crafted film that keeps it light hearted while dealing with a lot of struggles and tribulations people go through in their lives.”
  20. Rose Tymock: “Beautiful, heart-breaking and joyful, Little Women deserves its place among the top films of the year.”
  21. Scott William Foley: “Without a doubt, Little Women is one of my favorite films of 2019.”
  22. TenSecondsFromNow: ” is an unexpected delight, a period film that feels relevant, a woman’s picture that should have a universal appeal.”
  23. The Avacado: “…this is sincerely a happy little film. I just wish I could have seen it in a linear fashion without all those pesky time jumps.”
  24. The Film Blog: “The narrative restructuring is Gerwig’s masterstroke but it is a flash of genius in a film that achieves top marks on just about every level. Little Women, big success.”
  25. susanwbailey: “…is deserving of praise; it is a thought-provoking movie to enjoy, ponder in the aftermath, and then see again.”
  26. Timi Townsend: “…wins my vote for best film of the year.”
  27. Writergurlny: “Gerwig remains true to the text, retelling this beloved tale with a modern spirit and a reminder of why 150 years later, Little Women is a cherished novel.”

Not Recommended (or on the fence)

  1. Screen Zealots / Louisa (2/5): “The movie is twee and messy, much like Gerwig herself. The project feels like the writer / director, but not in a good way. There’s an awkward charm that’s cute at first, but all of the small delights soon fade.”

It’s true that most of the movie reviews for this film are by women, but there are clearly men who are watching it and enjoying. Also see: 30+ Little Women Reviews – Greta Gerwig Explains the One Big Change To The Novel — more men watching and reviewing.

Anybody who says “men don’t like [Little Women]” is clearly making a false statement. Just look at how many male bloggers said above that they liked the film. Ironically, the only two negative reviews I’ve linked by others — with over 50 shared — are only by women.

6 thoughts on “25+ more Little Women Reviews​​​​​​​ – Hey, Men Like This Film, Too

  1. Well done for centring on the tired assertion that this is a women’s film. A friend of mine on Facebook posted to say that she and her daughter had gone to see Little Women while her husband and their son went into a screening of Star Wars. I commented simply to say that she’d chosen the better film. She was surprised to say the least. Mind you, this isn’t because I’m a man, it’s because I’ve been banging on about Star Wars for months. I loved The Rise of Skywalker but I loved this more.

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  2. If you think of the films that men have foisted on women, then there’s scope for a little reverse traffic. But Little Women is an excellent film, and it’s worth celebrating a young, idiosyncratic female director who doesn’t pull any punches. Thanks for compiling this!

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