Uncut Gems has 408 F-bombs Making it #7 All Time

Uncut Gems ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Mea culpa: didn’t even notice there were that many f-words used. Did you?

Not that using the F word 408 times necessarily enhances the film, which is based squarely on a compelling story and the acting by Sandler. Yet, there always seems to be a contest on how many uses of the word can be slipped into a film without gaining a hard R rating. In many cases, studios just let those films gain hardcore ratings since they always find an adult audience.

Adam Sandler’s ‘Uncut Gems’ Just Made History in a Shocking Way

It’s kind of funny that this is even a statistic: sitting around counting and calculating how many times a single word is said in films. It does make something else to watch for in a movie.

We have people watching movies to see when the best times are to take a pee break, so why not this? Well, that service is more of a biological necessity than an f-word counter. When we get older, believe me, we need to go more frequently.

Maybe in the nearly 300 posts here so far, the f-word uncensored has been used once or twice (upon running a search, it’s only been used once and it wasn’t by me, it was an Indiewire quote). Consciously, I find other ways to communicate without profanity, but realize that in movies I’m somewhat immune to excess profanity.

Profanity is used strategically in short stories and novels I’ve written. Why? Because I know it has an effect on reader perception in dialogue when a character speaks with too many swear words.

It’s little like cigarette smoking in TV and movies. Used to see it all the time until the surgeon general determined everybody was dying from lung cancer and then less and less people are smoking on screen. Nowadays in films, it is primarily the bad guys who smoke those awful coffin nails.

And they swear too.

Harley Quinn, the adult animated series we’re covering here with new episodes every Friday has tons of f-bombs. That’s the way Harley talks. Her persona. I love it. Did notice in the movie trailer that Margot Robbie talking as Harley says, “Harley FRICKIN’ Quinn” — aha!

Harley Quinn is no stranger to using the f-word in her new adult animated series on DC Universe

But back to Uncut Gems, seriously, I didn’t recognize excessive f-word usage because everybody seemed to be doing it. Does make for an interesting drinking game … every time you hear an f-bomb have a sip!

(college campuses are already on the case!)

Some moviegoers are clearly turned off by excessive use of profanity. Guess I’m sort of immune to it in some movies like this one.

Not a prude or anything, but do notice when blogs and articles use excess profanity. It doesn’t seem very conversational to me when every other paragraph swears just because. There are lots of words to express yourself. Try a thesaurus sometimes.

I still believe in the camp that when you rarely do something, it has more impact. It means something. Intellectually, creatively, in business, entertainment and life. Not judging others, do what you want and be happy doing it and I’ll subscribe to you whether or not you swear, but here I’m going to roll a little cleaner.

Now would be a good time for effect to end on an f-bomb. Blink and all will be forgotten. Since, I’ve never done it before. No, I must resist!


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