Cats can be an entertaining cinematic experience … IF you are stoned

Cats ½ 

Haven’t done drugs in too many years to remember, so I’m poorly educated and researched on the psychological effects of smoking pot and watching movies, but some moviegoers are going all chronic mode and then watching Cats.

And liking it.

Hundreds of people told The Post their stories about seeing “Cats” while high — some on marijuana, others on psilocybin mushrooms, LSD and other mind-altering substances.

People are seeing ‘Cats’ while high out of their minds. These are their stories. – The Washington Post

Now, in Washington State where we reside, recreational marijuana sale and usage is legal, so don’t go lighting up the comments area saying crazy things like I’m in any way in this post advocating or encouraging illegal drug usage. That’s just silly and stupid.

Necessary disclaimers aside, as a form of recreation and entertainment movie/TV enhancement, this made me laugh.

I’m sure some enterprising movie reviewer makes this their shtick: reviewing movies drunk or high. The Critical Drinker (Youtuber) comes to mind. I’m sure there are others.

Speaking of movie reviews…

Reviews by Others

Good, bad or indifferent, this is a movie people just love reviewing. As with all shared reviews, you might want to skip this section if you don’t want SPOILERS. Here are more Cats reviews I’ve read recently:

  1. Bod Awful Reviews: “Why does this movie exist? Why did I watch it?”
  2. Coogs Reviews (1/5): “…a complete disaster on every possible level and you should all go and see it. This is destined to be a cult classic in the same way something like The Apple is.”
  3. Cookie N Screen: “There has been a surge of people heading to Cats in order to mock it, gifting Hooper’s film a somewhat cult status as big as The Room or Plan 9 from Outer Space. This feels unearned.”
  4. Daniel Robinson (1/5): “At first I was enjoying how bad it was, but eventually it stops being funny and just gets irritating.”
  5. Discussing Film / Ben Rolph (4/5): “…a musical extravaganza that is toe-tapping, energetic and utterly endearing.”
  6. Flixchatter (2.5/5): “Even with the added dialogue explaining the weird plot, the lyrics are still pretty bonkers and the anthropomorphized felines writhing around is uncomfortable, and  and while that might work on stage, it just doesn’t in film.”
  7. Izabella Zadra: “Overall not a very good movie (duh). There was too much sexual tension for a movie about cats, the look was absolutely horrible and the cast was just too much “
  8. Jason’s Movie Blog: “…ultimately ends up being a bland endeavor, with its limited narrative story, a weak screenplay that doesn’t add much creative innovation, bizarre / wonky visual effect imagery, and under utilized characters (and the talents behind them). Personally, this movie was okay-ish, but more on the disappointed side.”
  9. Joey Marrazzo: “How this is one of the most successful Broadway shows ever really surprises me.”
  10. Major Film Reviews: “…is not merely ‘bad’ it’s pathetic, insulting, nightmarish and so utterly, utterly putrid.”
  11. moviejoltz: “If you have a choice, I would recommend instead of watching this bizarre experiment you volunteer your time at an animal shelter.”
  12. Movie Metropolis / Adam Brannon: “…is a disaster from start to finish, with its only saving grace being a powerful performance of Memory by American Idol alumni, Jennifer Hudson.”
  13. Poor Man Staff: “…it’s the type of film that is so ridiculous and insane that you find yourself enjoying the madness within. Every moment of pure insanity just caused more glee as I looked at the screen wondering how this movie could ever be made.”
  14. Reads & Reels: “I texted my husband, during the show to tell him that it was sacrilege.  Between the bad casting, horrendous CGI and the downright deplorable screenplay I would suggest that you, dear wonderful reader, do not waste any of your nine lives by going to see it”
  15. Ready, Steady Cut: “I’m sure the makers of Cats had their hearts in the right place, but the result was like a cat’s nails across a chalkboard.”
  16. Set The Tape: “…is an abomination.  The worst Andrew Lloyd Webber musical (and that’s really saying something) receives an adaptation by one of the worst directors to ever win a Best Director Oscar and the result is one of the worst movie musicals ever made by a major Hollywood studio.”
  17. Stephenage: “It’s so profoundly anti-audience, and so shamelessly awful, that – you know what – I almost respect it. I hate it. And I wish it didn’t exist but it sure is something.”
  18. The Film Blog: “…might have at least worked within the weirdness were its cinematic faults not so deep cut. Strip away the glitter and random neon lighting and you will find precious little emotional resonance here.”
  19. victorsmyname: “Sadly, I fear the best meme material we got was from the initial trailer. Some fans and cineasts speculate that film studios are doing this on purpose; creating meme-worthy magnitudes of ugliness to help spread the word of their movies.”

Want to read more reviews? 20+ Cats Reviews – An Entire Movie About … (Spoilers)

Now, back to the tantalizing headline topic ….

Have you ever?

Has anybody reading this tried getting drunk or high and intentionally watched bad movies? Did it make the experience more entertaining or enlightening? What effect did it have on your viewing experience?


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