FIRST LOOK: The Turning

A trailer seemingly promising the least story-wise to offer of the three horror films being released in January (The Grudge, Gretel and Hansel and The Turning), we now know that The Grudge⭐️⭐️ is one of the worst reviewed horror films ever, giving this one a very low bar for success.

This is based on the famous ghost story, The Turning of the Screw by Henry James.

For more than 100 years, a deeply haunting tale has been passed down to terrify audiences. Next February, DreamWorks Pictures’ THE TURNING takes us to a mysterious estate in the Maine countryside, where newly appointed nanny Kate is charged with the care of two disturbed orphans, Flora and Miles. Quickly though, she discovers that both the children and the house are harboring dark secrets and things may not be as they appear.

Rotten Tomatoes movie info

Seriously, what’s with the bizarre fish stomping in the trailer?

The Turning official trailer

Spiders in the mouth is cliched but discomforting. Also, the fish stomper boy beating on the drums with the blank stare gets at least the one more WTF moment from the trailer viewer.

Really, I don’t know what to think of this movie. The story it’s based on is very old and good, so this has strong roots to grow from. Ghost stories are perhaps my least favorite horror subgenre, however, so my anticipation is limited. We’ll see what we get in a few weeks.

Are you looking forward to seeing in the theater, waiting for streaming or skipping?

The Turning opens wide in theaters January 24, 2020

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