FIRST LOOK: Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn)

Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, is getting her own movie on February 7, 2020. Er, almost.

After Wonder Woman, Joker and anticipation for Wonder Woman 1984, my interest in DC movies has grown exponentially. How can one not get excited about the newer, more adult-oriented comic book anti-hero movement? Smart, savvy marketing in my book.

A few weeks ago I signed up for DC Universe streaming service to rewatch the entire Wonder Woman TV series (in preparation for WW1984), check out some of the awesome comic books including a bunch of Harley Quinn and mainly to follow Harley’s new animated series.

Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie has found the complicated Joker abusive romance challenging at times to understand.

“I guess what’s always surprised me, and I said this when publicizing ‘Suicide Squad,’ the first film, is that her relationship with Joker always did confuse me the most,” Robbie said. “That was the thing that took me the longest to get my head around. In this film though we’re exploring her not being with Joker. And I actually understand the break-up. That’s something I feel like everyone can kind of understand and relate to in some ways. Though she deals with…like she blows things up, I don’t do that. I understand the motivation that spurred on that train of thought.”

Margot Robbie Confused by Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn Romance | IndieWire

It’s not as complex as it seems: Joker is down dirty rotten to Harley making her a much more sympathetic character, even though she’s a villain too. The bad that Harley does is never really that bad, which makes her more likable. Harley just wants to be respected as a top tier villain like Joker and Lex Luthor.

Birds of Prey official trailer

A final, second official trailer is coming soon…

“I could not put the script down, it had so much dark humor to it which a lot of my work does, and there are themes of female empowerment which are so strong and relatable.” director Cathy Yan revealed during a panel appearance. “So I went in with, not with confidence, but at least a sense that I belonged in the room, that somehow magically in terms of timing and luck that this opportunity was open to me and I was definitely going to make the best of it.”

As mentioned, have been watching, rating and reviewing the first season of Harley Quinn adult animated series for several weeks now, with new episodes released every Friday at 6am PST (GMT-8). The most recent episode is my least favorite, but overall so far, I’m highly invested in watching each new episode. It’s already been renewed for another season once the first 13 episode season airs.

Harley is done taking her ex-boyfriend Joker’s crap — or she? — in the Harley Quinn adult animated series

This week, I also watched the first episode of the 2002-2003 series Birds of Prey on DC Universe. Wasn’t quite excited with that, so no idea if I”ll be reviewing all the episodes here. I did start a draft post to cover it, so maybe.

That brings me back to this movie. Kinda hoping it focuses more on Harley than the Birds of Prey characters. Just like the animated series, I’m digging best when the focus remains Harley interacting with the supporting characters. Her character — at least as of this writing — is more interesting than the other in the Birds of Prey: Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya . Maybe I’ll get more into the other Birds of Prey characters after watching more of the TV series.

The DC Black Label comic for Birds of Prey #1 is coming out after the movie on March 4, 2020, so we won’t be picking up any additional research on the supporting characters in advance there. Am looking forward to reading the adult version of comic book characters. DC Universe comics are one year behind the publication, so it might be awhile before the DC Black Label comics will appear there, if at all. I didn’t see an answer when Googling around if and when these might start appearing on this service.

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) opens wide in theaters February 7, 2020.

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