FIRST LOOK: The Last Full Measure

This just slipped in on the January 2020 wide release schedule. I have no idea how or why that happens, but my guess is that studios insert releases at the last minute sometimes.

There is another movie called Run opening later this month and still no trailer and minimal information about it has been made available.

But onto this one.

Based on an intriguing true story about a heroic soldier, Frank Pitsenbarger, in Vietnam who saved many lives. “Pitts” as he was known stayed in the thick of a bloody battle trying to save as many of his fellow soldiers as possible.

The movie also cuts to the future/present(?) when a pentagon staffer wants to ensure there is a medal of honor awarded to Pitts for his bravery and heroism.

The Last Full Measure official trailer

War movies are personally difficult for me to watch, because I’ve had family that has gone to war (my son was, most recently, in the infantry in Afghanistan) and I feel for our brave men and women serving in the armed forces.

The story of a hero getting his due accolades for his military service record is one that I’m very interested in seeing. Don’t know anything else except what I’ve just explained and see in the trailer. Am looking forward to watching this at the end of the month. You?

The Last Full Measure opens wide in theaters on January 24, 2020.

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