FIRST LOOK: The Grudge

Do you hold grudges? This week’s only new wide release movie sure does … a horrific one!

Unfortunately for the movie in question, it’s going up against the last of the Skywalker Star Wars films (albeit week #3), a new movie starring Adam Sandler (in a dramatic role!) and the 8th adaptation of a popular novel by Louisa May Alcott.

Am reading that this is one of the worst weeks for theaters (is it because people are so hung over from celebrating New Year’s?), so not many films (want to) open in this dead period.

The Grudge is a reboot of a trilogy of horror films bearing the same name.

For those who are unaware, The Grudge is about the legend that if a person is murdered as a result of jealous rage, it leads to a curse. The curse is then reborn and passed on through each victim, growing and expanding with potentially endless possibilities. 

Everything You Need To Know About Whether Or Not The Grudge Is Based On A True Story

Ooooo Japanese horror? I’m in on that alone. No, really, I like Japanese horror (Shudder has some great Japanese horror films!), so unsure why I never tried to watch the other movies. Maybe it’s my thoughts of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne in the live action Scooby Doo movies that turned me away her starring in a horror film. They were both around the same early 2000s timeframe, too. Do you get gunshy on actors/actresses who are in bad movies?

I do. A small list of them are in my mind like Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish (unfunny), Will Smith (mostly one-dimensional), Shia Lebeauf (pretentious, but very much enjoyed him in The Peanut Butter Falcon) and the list goes on. Can’t honestly think of anything Sarah Michelle Gellar has been in that I liked. But I digress, Gellar is not in this reboot of The Grudge.

Who is starring in The Grudge (2020)?

The Grudge (2020) cast — yeah, I recognize almost none of these people (thank you Wikipedia)

William Sadler, there’s a name I recognize. Otherwise … hmm? I’m sure other readers can research and name some good movies by actors/actresses here. Admittedly, I’m weak on lesser-knowns. I go more for the movie, the story than the people performing. Not saying actors and actresses are interchangeable, because they aren’t, but am saying to get on my actor/actress radar, you have to pretty much be a lead character and/or in a main supporting role .. or just be in a boatload of films like Steve Buscemi (very versatile), Danny Trejo (one of the truly great badasses!)

Am just going all over the place here. Reeling it back to the film at hand.

Here’s what the official trailer looks like.

The Grudge (2020) official trailer.

Completely random, scattered trailer reaction: a realtor stops by checking into selling a house, hears very weird noises and investigates ending up seeing a very spooky tub? That tub scene reminds me of something out of The Shining. Those creepy hands creeping slowly over the rim of the tub. The spiral staircase camera shot (cliched but atmospheric). Sound effects are jarring, I’m betting on a plethora of jump scares.

Of course I’m going to see this, rate and review. It might be motivational enough to send me back to the first three films.

Who else is planning to see this movie? Or are you just going to watch one of the other movies playing?

The Grudge opens wide in theaters January 3, 2020.

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