TV Time Top 10 Most Binged Shows of 2019

Friends is not the most binged TV show of 2019, that goes to Lucifer

Yikes, I’ve seen only 2 of the 10 most binged TV shows on TV Time’s list above: Friends (who hasn’t seen — amazing show!) and Grey’s Anatomy (was very strong the first few seasons, but I lost interest after that). I’ve been wanting to check out Stranger Things for some time, so that will be something in 2020 I’m hoping to start working through.

Just peeked over #1 Lucifer and it sounds like something I might enjoy.

Lucifer’s eight consecutive weeks at No. 1 is the longest amount of time a series has stayed on top in TV Time’s Binge Report history!

2019 BINGE REPORT: A Year In Bingeing

It’s impossible to watch everything and my primary focus here is covering movies. I do, however, enjoy watching and will cover some TV shows. Just finished covering The Mandalorian first season and currently covering the adult animated show Harley Quinn with new episodes every Friday on DC Universe.

Still considering whether or not to cover Picard on CBS Access that debuts in January 2020. After seeing Patrick Stewart on Charlie’s Angels ⭐️½ (2019), am not sure if I want to see a senior citizen version of Star Trek Next Generation Captain Picard. Great actor, don’t get me wrong, but some of my least favorite episodes of STNG were the ones that focused primarily on Picard. Also, they just teased and strung along the love story with Beverly Crusher and him too long.

How many of these top 10 binged TV shows have you seen?

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