TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E8 Chapter 8 – Redemption ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

A stormtrooper being a jerk? Imagine that….!

Season 1

“Chapter 8 – “Redemption”

Two stormtroopers kicking it on a break waiting on their evil leader, Moff Gideon, and instructions. With The Child in tow, one of them punches Baby Yoda when he moves around in a sack. They decide to finally take him out when “he’s not moving” (something the internet is probably gasping at the concept) only to realize he’s very much alive.

Baby Yoda is hungry, wouldn’t dangle your meaty stromtrooper finger near his mouth …

The IG droid that was once sent to kill him, but reprogrammed by Nick Nolte’s character to be a robot nanny to Baby Yoda, shows up and takes out the troopers, rescues The Child and heads out on the speeder.

With Mando, Cara Dune and Carl Apollo Creed Weathers pinned down by a large group of stormtroopers in the city, the IG droid comes to the rescue, creating a diversion and battle.

You’ll have to watch the rest of the episode to see what happens from here.

At a run time approaching 48 minutes this is one of the longest episodes of series one (the longest, perhaps?). We learn more about Mando’s backstory and there is a shocking reveal in the present. I won’t spoil, but will tease by saying it’s something fans have been clamoring for throughout the first season.

This episode does an excellent job of wrapping up a lot of the plot points throughout the season, fleshing out more of Mando’s past and establishing the seeds of Mando’s arch nemesis in Moff Gideon that could become integral to the second season which will be released …who knows when.

Moff Gideon isn’t Darth Vader, but he’s definitely unfriendly

It’s not announced yet, as far as I’ve read anyway, but we can only hope that it will be at some point in 2020. Maybe they put it off until 2021 (UPDATE after posting: Jon Favreau announced on 12/27/19 that the second season is coming in “Fall 2020”)… but think by then subscribers too much time passed and subscribers will start to bale. Maybe some bale after this month, realizing that they don’t need to pay $7/month to keep rewatching this and the other Star Wars movies, only three of which are fantastic, a few so-so movies and a few terrible ones.

This episode is directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Raganok, Jojo Rabbit ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ ) and is one of the season’s very best. It closes the first season on a positive note, doesn’t leave some lame major cliffhanger, and provides some idea of where the series could be headed next.

Loved it!

S1:E8 Chapter 8 “Redemption” rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ – my only knock on this episode is the run time. I wish it would have been at least a half hour longer. They seem to blaze through these episodes, and there were missed opportunities to let some scenes breath. I’m sure it’s all meant for frenetic pacing, but they could have extended some scenes and made them more dramatic without feeling padded. At least the season finale should/could have been longer. 60+ minutes. I guess if you put 7 & 8 together and call that the finale, it is.

Season 1 Summary

Overall, I think this was an excellent, mostly exciting first season. It started out awesome, was weaker in the middle when it seemed to employ filler episodes to get to the last two episode finale, which were both fantastic. My favorite episode of the first season was Chapter 7, because that is when the series started pulling it all together.

When can we watch season two?

This is the closest we’ve gotten to the original trilogy of Star Wars since Disney bought the franchise. I know others might cite Rogue One, The Force Awakens and some perhaps even The Last Jedi — because, I acknowledge, at least that was trying to be creatively different — but for me The Mandalorian season one is the type of Star Wars I’d like to see Disney continue producing.

Please, Disney, create feature films in this style and quality!

Can’t say I’m that interested in Obi Wan Kenobi’s story (sounds prequelish like too much of Solo), although I understand that’s in development. I think the better characters are the more mysterious ones like The Mandalorian. Make movies out of some/more/all the weird characters in the cantina. Don’t give us more Skywalker main character saga spinoffs. I think, at least for awhile, we need to be finished with Skywalker and the main supporting cast. Give voice to the lesser-knowns. This will make for more creative movies and TV shows.

In the future, I may post a full season one summary after rewatching all episodes from beginning to end, including season one reviews from others, but in the meantime this post will serve as my season one review.

I realize they were trying to keep the individual episode pacing very tight and fast, and viewers can feel it, but maybe next season we’ll get a 90 minute season 2 opener and a 90+ minute closing episode (again, guess we did in season 1 if you count Chapter 7 & 8 together).

Overall Season 1 rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – middle episodes do not stand up to the opening and closing episodes. This is a great show and the only thing that keeps it from being an amazing (4.5+ stars) is needing a longer average show length: 45+ minutes like a traditional hour long TV show. Some of the episodes were almost 30 minutes of actual content, which is too short for a series like this, and more sitcom territory. Doesn’t feel meaty enough for over $10 million spent per episode.

The 8 episodes cost $100 million and if this had been a feature film, there would have been some filler cut out of the middle. An edited version containing Chapter 1, 2, small parts of 3-6, 7 and 8 would have made an incredible movie. Some enterprising soul on the internet will soon mash this up, get it a ton of attention and clicks, then have it taken down for copyright infringement. Disney could do it, too, but then they’d have to admit that the series needed some unnecessary filler.

In other words: not going to happen.

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

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Start your binge rewatching … now!

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