FIRST LOOK: Bad Boys For Life

Soon, arrives the first Bad Boys movie not directed by Michael Bay, seemingly due to the salaries for both Will Smith and him (source: Snarkerati).

If Will Smith keeps starring in movies like Gemini Man ⭐️⭐️ he may have to retire or lower his asking price. As for Michael Bay, he’s still has Netflix willing to pay him for projects like 6 Underground.

The first Bad Boys came out in 1995 and was Michael Bay’s feature film debut. 2003 saw the sequel Bad Boys II.

I have watched the first two Bad Boys movies, but haven’t rewatched them in years or reviewed and rated them. Going strictly off memory, neither film struck me as amazing buddy cop movies and/or being particularly memorable. I remember Martin Lawrence as being the funnier of the two with Will Smith more as the straight comic role, but my memory might be suspect. Both movies are available on Netflix right now, so would like to rewatch and review at least the original one before the third film in the trilogy hits theaters.

Two official trailers for Bad Boys For Life have been released:

Bad Boys For Life official trailer #1
Bad Boys For Life official trailer #2

Trailer reaction? Nothing spectacular jumping out at me. Seems like more of what the first two movies delivered — standard fare buddy cop film — which is good, I suppose, for those who enjoyed the franchise, but maybe a bit of the stale third movie in a trilogy stink hanging overhead.

Will moviegoers care that Michael Bay isn’t involved any more? My guess is many will. As the date for this release draw nearer, at best I’m cautiously optimistic on the film’s allure. It’s just so hard to get excited about the third movie in about any trilogy. Too many third movie duds.

Are you looking forward to watching in the theater, waiting for streaming or skipping?

Bad Boys for Life opens wide in theaters January 17, 2020.

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