Terminator: Dark Fate Might Eventually Break Even

Terminator: Dark Fate has now grossed over $260 million dollars .. is that truly a box office flop?

Don’t cry yet for those who financed Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½

All the talk about flops at the box office and yet Dark Fate has now surpassed $260 million worldwide. If you add the physical media, rentals and streaming money in the future it’s very possible this movie, that was predicted by some to lose as much as $150 million, has an outside chance of breaking even. Turn a profit? Unlikely, but read on.

Although I have no direct knowledge, I’ve read that the advertising and promotional costs are often rough calculated by doubling the budget. Let’s assume that’s factual and $185 million was spent on advertising. That’s a $370 million actual budget, meaning as of this post (12/19/19) they are roughly $90 million in the red.

I also don’t know how much money can be made in the physical media market as well as licensing to third party streaming channels in 2020. Will it be $90 million? Doubtful, but maybe $25-50 million. I don’t know if that will make this film end up qualifying as a flop? Box office flop? I suppose, but the film may still end up close to black, depending on how lucrative the streaming and physical media money waiting.

It’s just barely still hanging onto a theater presence domestically, so you can pretty much close the book on it here in the states, however, it is far from the mega bust it was promoted as everywhere. At least from the amount of money it generated.

Films don’t need to be good to make money. That has been proven time and again. Still, I would never have guessed this film would go onto gross nearly $200 million internationally. I know that Genisys did well overseas, but still.

Here are the other Terminator films in the franchise for review and comparison:

What does this all mean? Maybe another Terminator movie isn’t as far-fetched as many predicted.

I still say the most likely next move for the franchise is to go The Mandalorian path and create another live action TV series. Yes, they already had The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but there would be fan interest in reviving/rebooting or continuing that series or starting another in the Terminator world. They left that series unresolved, so it’s possible.

Despite my disappointment — and this was probably the film that most disappointed me of all in the series (I didn’t expect much from Genisys or Salvation) — I’m still interested in the franchise not being terminated. I just feel like there are some good stories still to tell in this universe.

It will be back.

3 thoughts on “Terminator: Dark Fate Might Eventually Break Even

  1. Dark Fate was such a disappointment. The way the story has been left I doubt there is much left for an original fan to come back to unfortunately. Good for new fans but not for the ones who have been in it since the beginning. ???

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    1. Yeah, it was a real downer for me. I was looking more forward to this movie than any other in 2019, did a 10 day countdown here on the blog with tons of coverage and excitement, then went to see the movie and left dejected.

      Now I’m just hopeful some more caring hands take it into the world of streaming and do something lower budget and cool. With the success of THE MANDOLORIAN, it is more a possibility. Netflix is the equivalent of Mikey on those old Life cereal commercials. They seem to eat (buy) anything.


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