FIRST LOOK: Just Mercy

Do you know who death row convict Walter McMillan is?

I don’t. And am resisting the urge to read the Wikipedia page and spoil the surprise and momentum for the upcoming film Just Mercy.

The only reason I know he’s a death row convict is because of the trailer and courtroom drama in the trailer (see below).

The article linked in the quote is relatively safe from spoilers save for one sentence I now can’t erase from my memory. So, maybe don’t follow that link unless you already know more about Walter McMillan.

In the article, Foxx explains how he got into McMillan’s character.

Foxx also told the roundtable that his biggest challenge in preparing for the role was developing an Alabama accent. The Texas-born actor has played a number of roles based on Southern men, including Grammy award-winning musician Ray Charles in the movie “Ray,” a portrayal that garnered him the Academy Award for “Best Actor” in 2005. But Foxx says the most difficult part in replicating McMillian’s voice was crafting a vernacular and pitch that would sound authentic and not like a caricature.

Watch Jamie Foxx talk about preparing to portray Walter McMillian in ‘Just Mercy’ –

I’m a big fan of Jamie Foxx. Great actor and going into this, I’m already excited with his name associated with the film. Michael B. Jordan plays his attorney and he’s a little typed in my mind, I just see him as Apollo Creed’s boxing son. Admittedly, I can and will get past his role there, but whenever I see his face, it reminda me of Creed.

Just Mercy official trailer

Just Mercy opens wide in theaters December 25, 2019.

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