VUDU Rental Redos Requires Not Going To Happen Customer Service

Walmart owned streaming video service, VUDU, is offering a new service that sounds worthwhile at first: if you don’t like a movie you rented and started watching in the first 30 minutes you can get a refund.

The rub?

In order to take advantage of a “redo,” you need to call or email Vudu’s customer service team within the first 24 hours of stopping the movie. Then, your account will be credited with the amount you originally paid to rent the movie. 

Vudu offers ‘rental redos’ in case you hate a movie

The added feature would be more useful if you could simply press a “cancel rental” button within the first 30 minutes of a terrible movie (admittedly, there are a very small percentage of movies this would apply to), but having to call or email service is not going to be something most people want to bother doing. This feels like the type of service a company adds for marketing, not earning more market share.

Not surprising as the rumor is that Walmart is trying to sell VUDU. That article also noted that Sony’s Playstation Vue, the TV streaming and video service is shutting down at the end of January 2020. I missed that in the news, but gamers are probably most interested in gaming, not streaming TV and movies.

On January 1, 2020 VUDU is “quietly dropping” support for their disc-to-digital option. Even after reading the article several times, I’m not completely sure what this means? No new blu rays we buy can we convert and have an owned version through VUDU?

If VUDU goes away what happens to the library of owned titles we have there? This is where owned digital libraries become not so permanent. Maybe Wal-Mart will continue to support this if VUDU does sell or they shutter the service?

Am not buying any new movies through VUDU due to these reasons: they just don’t seem as stable and competitive as Amazon Prime. I’m fairly certain Amazon isn’t getting rid of their Prime Video service any time soon.

But they could.

Where is VUDU among the competition?

I watch a few movies on VUDU here and there, but otherwise it’s a low priority watch at the current time. They do have some decent movies free with ads, if that’s your thing, but I’d rather watch the streaming channels we subscribe to that have plenty to watch that don’t have ads vs. wading into channels that are offering free with ads movies and TV shows.

How often do you currently use VUDU?

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