FIRST LOOK: Underwater

Alien underwater.

At the theater this weekend, caught the second trailer for Underwater starring Kristen Stewart and it reminds me more and more of Alien underwater. At least by the trailer.

The first trailer seems more like an underwater accident and the threat being mostly the pressure of the water closing in on the group of people (seemingly) stranded miles under the sea. We do get the sense that something else is down there, but don’t know if it’s a strange aquatic life form or some other creature.

Kirsten Stewart stars in Underwater coming to theaters in January 2020

The new trailer that I watched in theaters is much more about what’s down there threatening these people. I looked around on YouTube to be able to share that here and don’t see it, but definitely it’s playing (at least) in Regal Cinemas because I saw it on Saturday 12/14. It is a more menacing trailer than this one.

In the current trailer it’s looking much more like an Alien underwater story. Have seen the great sea beast vs. underwater research facility storyline before (Deep Star Six, The Abyss, etc), so if that is what it is, then it’s not original. Doesn’t mean it might not be a fresh take on an already used storyline, however.

January 2020 is heavy in thriller and horror films, so this could be a good month for those of us who enjoy those genres.

Underwater opens in theaters January 10, 2020.

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