Movie Theaters with King-sized Reclining Seats

Regal Cinemas theater king-sized recliner seats provide spacing and luxury

Have you watched a movie sitting in a recliner seat? These are our favorite seats. Super comfortable, padded and just putting you in the right view for enjoying the movie. No extra charge for these theaters. We have a Regal Cinemas about 20 miles away that has them.

Kick back and enjoy Regal King Size Recliners at select movie theatre locations. These luxurious recliners are cozy, comfortable and spacious, adjustable to multiple positions and include padded footrests. Regal guests can rest and relax in these movie theatre recliners, becoming further immersed in the movie while experiencing this luxury environment.

Theaters With Reclining Seats | Regal

This is our main go-to theater in the area whenever we can get there. They also show Fathom Events and movie specials, like Saturdays in the month of December they are showing $5 holiday classic movies:

Gremlins playing this Saturday, Polar Express next. Fun classic pictures for the holiday!

Have written about this before that I wished theaters would do this more often. Instead of showing dozens of screenings for the most popular movie, some less than 30 minutes apart, mix in a few classics.

Movies at home vs. in theaters

Recently, on Twitter I got into a short back and forth discussion about where is best to watch movies. I maintain that unless you have a really good (and expensive) home theater setup: huge screen, multiple comfortable seats (like these king-sized recliners) and other people to come over and watch the film with you — the experience isn’t exactly comparable. Also, the social aspect of watching movies, particularly with people you don’t know, has a certain feel to it that makes movie-watching different in the theater than at home.

Honestly, watching movies on the Oculus GO VR has more of a cinema-like feeling than watching on a TV set in a family room or bedroom.

I’m not “romanticizing” the cinema experience, as some like to deride us theatergoers. I’m saying it’s different in a good way. I like watching movies at home on our flat screen TV, too. It’s functional being able to pause movies when I have to go to the restroom and then unpause when I return (but I can go to the bathroom before the movie starts). Microwave popcorn is not as good as movie theater popcorn. The list of pros and cons for each continues.

The experiences are different but I enjoy them both almost equally. The reason I give an edge to the theater experience over watching at home is because this is the format the creators of the film intended for us to see it. I think to do art the most justice means respecting how the artists intended us to view it whether that be listening to an entire album of music vs. cherry picking the best songs or watching a film when it hits the theater.

Over the years I’ve watched far less movies in the theater for a wide variety of reasons. The biggest one has been convenience. I haven’t had as much time available in my life — or haven’t consciously made it a priority until this year 2019 — to watch as many new movies as possible in the theater.

There is also the financial issue of paying full ticket price for movies I either know very little to nothing about. Having a Regal Unlimited monthly pass takes away always having to reach for my wallet to buy a ticket. Sure, I’m doing that every month, but that’s how I’m paying for streaming channels as well.

The long and short of it: there is no wrong answer. You either like watching at home or watching in the theater or watching both. I’m in the latter camp. I go see everything new that I can at the theater. Everything that isn’t in the theaters I have to watch at home.

What do you think?

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