35+ More Knives Out Reviews – and Sweaters!

This movie prop would be a great place to show off your sweater …

Sweaters made me laugh this morning. Man, who would think a trending Twitter hashtag involving the movie Knives Out ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and sweaters would ever be united. It’s true.

It all started a couple days ago when video essayist Patrick Willems started the #KnivesOutChallenge. This challenge wasn’t anything complicated or even silly as so many internet “challenges” are. This one was something anybody could do. Simply post a picture of yourself wearing a sweater.

The Internet Is Having A Field Day Celebrating Knives Out With… Sweaters

We can thank Captain America’s Chris Evans for looking too good in a sweater. He’s the source of this tomfoolery.

Must admit it matches the jovial atmosphere of the film.

Theaters Can Be Cold — A More Practical Purpose for Sweaters

I should start wearing a sweater more often in the theater, but not because I’m following this silly sweater meme, because it gets freaking cold with the AC pouring in inside the theater. On numerous occasions, I’ve shivered during a movie. We usually bring a blanket. I can understand a chilly theater in the searing summer months, but not in winter.

Reviews by Others

The reviews are still trickling in for Knives Out. It’s #2 at the box office behind Frozen II ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Did I miss your review? Please use the comments to tell me about your movie-related/review blog and I’ll follow. I’m looking for more movie-related blogs. Yes, even those who disagree with my reviews. If one lives in a bubble of only reading those with similar tastes, great movies can be missed.

  1. All things Movies UK: “The best thing about Knives Out is just how original it is. Sure, it follows a similar beat to the well explored ‘whodunit’ genre, but the film ultimately does it in an intriguing fashion,  keeping you guessing along the way. Shot well and sporting a perfect cast, this is a film determined to sweep away the winter blues!”
  2. bad critique: “…a film about how extreme wealth emotionally cripples and corrupts people.”
  3. Cinema and silliness: “…a pastiche of a very particular genre, but it’s an incredibly slick pastiche and the entertainment value of the film comes from its willingness to be playful, as well as sincere (when it needs to be). Despite being subversive in so many ways, Knives Out still ends up confirming to some murder mystery tropes. Yet, even then, it does so with a nod and a wink. Agatha Christie would approve.”
  4. Cinema Clown: “…one of the sharpest, smartest & slickest examples of its genre that presents Rian Johnson at the top of his game, for he is aware that the viewers like playing detective when it comes to whodunnit stories, and so he devises his modern take in ways that finds new means to pull the rug off our feet, defy our expectations and surprise us every now n then.”
  5. Cinephils Amigo: “A sharp, detailed, well written and engaging murder mystery”
  6. Daniel Robinson: From Reel to Reel (5/5): ” Deliriously good fun, modern and punchy with hilarious wit and intriguing twists, it demonstrates that Rian Johnson can handle a cast and a story like very few can. Bravo Johnson, Bravo.”
  7. Drew’s Movie Reviews: “Your classic whodunit script gets a twist and you won’t want to take your eyes off of the screen. The well-written script and excellent cast make Knives Out a thrilling ride from start to finish.”
  8. Dudefood / Old Dude: “…good entertainment and value for the money. It is funny, clever and till the end interesting.”
  9. Dylan and his Blog: “…is for sure one of my favorite movies of the year! I’m a big fan of mystery movies and I’ve always liked the concept of whodunit movies, but I’ve never been able to find one that I was really into until this one. Knives Out is sure to be one of those movies that you watch more than once because you want to look for any details you might have missed, but also because it’s just a really great movie!”
  10. Fast Film Reviews: (3.5/5) “Rian Johnson is keen on undermining expectations.  He deconstructs the whodunit in a way that plays with convention.  It’s not just about who did it, but also why and how.  These tidbits are revealed in a way that feels like the script is oh-so-very pleased with itself.  It’s snarky and knowing.”
  11. Gordon’s Culture Critiques: “An attempt to update this creaky Agatha Christie genre becomes repetitive. The abrupt tone changes aren’t justified. Homages to Hitchcock and Columbo can be appreciated in small doses but not over two hours.”
  12. Jarrid Gunn: “I had an absolute blast with this movie. I found that the murder mystery and ‘whodunit’ genre complemented Johnson’s style perfectly. His use of witty dialogue and comedy was well placed in the movie, which was backed up with some fantastic performances from a great ensemble of cast members.”
  13. Joe Peden / I see a Lot of Films: “…it’s a well-executed murder mystery which pays its respects to its influences with varying levels of subtlety and with a pace and intricacy that Jonson’s pal Edgar Wright would be proud of. There’s huge fun to be had, with Easter eggs and twists abound”
  14. Katie at the Movies (4/5): “Johnson’s movie lures in the audience with its crowd-pleasing antics, but ultimately punches us in the gut with a message that he wants to make sure we all hear.  It isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot of fun, and I think it’s the rare mystery that the audience will actually be able to gain more from in future viewings—even knowing how it ends.”
  15. Keith & The Movies (4/5): “…slaps a fresh coat of paint on the Agatha Christie murder-mystery in a way that could (and should) attract a new kind of audience. It’s a blast of a throwback film that embraces the basic tenets of the whodunit genre and then turns them on their heads.”
  16. Lucas O’Connor / The Drama King (9/10): “…great dialogue, visual style and relatable characters. Knives Out is a really funny, entertaining and enjoyable experience that shows what a great genre the whodunnit is and how much fun it can be. I would highly recommend Knives Out”
  17. Movies Unchained: “This film would not have worked had it not been for the perfect symbiosis of the many elements that made it a success – the cast, the script, the visuals and the guiding hand of a director who proves himself to be far more talented than those who dismiss him for his franchise work will account for. Perhaps one of the most unexpectedly great films of the year, Knives Out is simply not to be missed.”
  18. Mr. Movies (Grade: A-): ” walks a delicate tonal tightrope, and succeeds immensely thanks to fantastic direction, a great script filled with hilarious moments, excellent performances and technical elements, and another great score from Rian Johnson’s own cousin Nathan Johnson. You need to see Knives Out right now and take as many people as you can!”
  19. No But Listen: “Juggling genres, playing with amazing character actors, and laying on his dry sense of humour as thick as the script will allow it – this is Johnson at his best. And I can’t reccommend it enough.”
  20. notlefthandedfilmguy: “…it is definitely clever and intricately put together. Here’s the thing though; anyone that aims to take on Agatha Christie at her own game is simply not going to win. Johnson has made a really good effort but he just can’t compare to the master. The best whodunnits, and pretty much all of Christie’s work, have that wow moment.”
  21. No More Workhorse: “This is brilliantly plotted and will leave you guessing until the end. Extremely entertaining and intriguing it manages to put a classic twist on the murder mystery genre – something that I didn’t think it was possible to reinvent. Thoroughly enjoyable, this is one of the cleverest movies I’ve seen this year.”
  22. Often Off Topic: “I’ve been waiting for this movie for months. If you know me, you know I love a murder mystery, and I feel like Rian Johnson knew that and directed it just for me. I’ve only ever read one Agatha Christie novel (it was tough) but if you’re a fan this is definitely the movie for you.”
  23. Phil The Bear’s Film Reviews: “And if all the murder mystery self reverential references aren’t enough it does have a very clever actual murder mystery at its core. Where the solution actually feels organic to the absurd situation and one that I suspect on further watches will present more clues to the outcome.”
  24. Puzzle Doctor: “There is a problem with billing the film as a whodunit. The first major plot twist changes the direction of the film completely, making it possibly into a different sort of film.”
  25. Ramblings of a Supposed Writer: “Overall Knives Out was an amazing film and a brilliantly clever mystery. “
  26. Rock at the Movies (8/10): “Whatever grudges you may have had against Johnson for The Last Jedi should be freshly bowled over because Knives Out is a smartly entertaining film that is capping of a rather great year in film. Impressive stuff.”
  27. Screen Addict Reviews (9/10): “A mystery wrapped up in truth, hidden behind lies and shrouded darkness. This was one of the best movies I have seen all year.”
  28. Seeds for Autism: “I give this film an A+. it will be one of my favorite murder mystery films along with Clue and Murder on the Orient Express”
  29. shortfilmreviews: “…a fantastic revival of a classic genre, delivered with real care, attention to detail and a sense of fun, each of the stellar cast delivers exactly the performance you want and it gave me one of my most enjoyable cinema trips of the year.”
  30. Stan the Man Reviews (5/5): “Johnson knows how to balance the humorous with the mysterious as discovering the identity of the killer is always at the forefront, even when the audience thinks they know who’s responsible. As with all good murder mysteries, you don’t know until you really, really know. And you won’t know until Rian Johnson is ready to tell you.”
  31. Stories for Coffee: “While I understand that this Whodunnit doesn’t take itself too seriously considering there are a lot of humorous moments woven into the seriousness of the story’s setting, I wasn’t compelled by the direction the story took and wish we could have seen more scenes with the supporting characters whose personalities were so loud and absurd. “
  32. The Biased Reviewer (8.5/10): “I thoroughly enjoyed this film. As to be expected, it had plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. The acting was fantastic, I don’t think there was a single person miscast in their roles. It’ll definitely be added to the forever growing list of classics I’ll re-watch in the years to come.”
  33. The Practical Fanciful Pagan: “I’m not sure if there is enough there for Millennials to connect with, though one particularly mindful and well-educated associate of mine, aged twenty-seven, did enjoy the movie. In any case, I certainly did.”
  34. TK Theater Production: “…a great film that had many twists and turns that will get one guessing as it ran. Everyone did a great performance, the cinematography was really good, and it was a nice new take on the genre as a whole. This was something that one should definitely check out.”
  35. Wannabe Movie Critic (88/100): “It’s just a crap load of fun at the movies, you’ll be entertained the entire time, and it keeps you guessing the entire time, I thought I knew what was up within 10 minutes, I was so wrong. Just go see this movie so we can get more like it will ya.”
  36. We’ve Got Back Issues: “An utter hoot from start to finish (the final cracking of the case, despite basically involving people standing around and talking, is as exhilarating as any car chase) and very, VERY funny, Knives Out is just as sharp as it title implies.”

Have you seen Knives Out yet? Did you wear a sweater? If not, and you’re on Twitter, are you planning on joining in on the Twitter fun?

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