How will Tattoos of Baby Yoda look at 80?

TattoosByNick from the Diamond State Tattoo Parlor — one of my favorite Baby Yoda tats I’ve seen

Of course some people are inking various parts of their body with Baby Yoda. You know, the little three-fingered creature from The Mandalorian is so adorable not even a stoic, duty-bound bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe can resist his charm.

And, well, it’s the holiday time of year when giving and receiving …. yes, especially tattoos … make some sense. I mean, if you are partial to getting tats.

Fans are so obsessed that they’re already getting Baby Yoda tattoos, even before the first season of the series has finished.

39 Tattoos of Baby Yoda That Prove We’re All Obsessed With The Mandalorian

Disclaimer: I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. Zero. No interest in getting a tattoo either. Will stop short of saying “never” because I don’t like the rigidity of that word, but personally have abstained.

Absolutely do not begrudge in any way others who get tattoos. In fact, I really enjoy seeing some body art. I think it looks cool as hell when it’s fresh and new ink. So, yes, I very much do respect tattoos as body art. Just because I don’t want to ink up my own body — at all — doesn’t mean I can’t look at what others have done to their bodies and think, that’s badass!

But let me invoke a little Scrooge sensibility here. And I hesitate, because, well I know this won’t be a popular opinion for those in/around the business and perhaps readers who have them …

Is the tat going to be all wrinkled, faded and nasty, not even looking like a good old Yoda? shares several before and after tattoo pictures of aging

What is your Baby Yoda tattoo going to look like at age 80+?

Really, what’s that killer tat going to look like at age 80? My dad has all kinds of tattoos. Most of them were acquired in his youthful days (the most popular time for all of us to do things we regret), and most now look underwhelming (sorry, Dad!). Once you start to get into your very senior ages the skin itself starts looking wrinkled, cracked and weathered. We start to shrivel up and begin to appear more skeletal and grotesque. It’s a sad, terrible part of old age and the last thing I want to see is some faded, wrinkled Baby Yoda staring back at me on my body, reminding me that I’m never ever going to be 18 again.

Now, that’s just me. What about you? Do those of you with tattoos think about what they will look like at 80? Maybe you are maintaining these tats, keeping them looking as good as possible through re-inking and proper tattoo health, but I just don’t see very many tattoos on senior citizens looking good. Sorry. Do you?

I’m heading toward being one of those senior citizen — and don’t mock me too hard, because you are, too — so guess I’m even more predisposed to avoid looking like death …. and sporting a tattoo from Mando’s cute little friend.

Then again, maybe this is the ultimate middle finger to the reaper: here’s my Baby Yoda, F-You!

Tattoos that will look good at age 80+?

If I was going to get a tattoo in some parallel/alternate/bizarro world, it almost certainly wouldn’t be of Baby Yoda. What would it be? I don’t know, but definitely not a character from The Mandalorian who doesn’t have a name yet. He’s known officially as “The Child” Most of us are calling him Baby Yoda, but nobody even knows the creature’s real name yet. We barely know his origin.

And yet Tattoos are permanent. Something else to think about if using a name as part of the tat. Yes, you can get tats burned off. Painful, expensive, but ink can eventually be laser burned away.

These are my reasons for just saying no to tattoos. Again, don’t begrudge others with them and have seen some seniors sporting decent looking tats. If you have tattoos I’m not attacking you personally for doing so, just very curious how you’re going to handle them at age 80? Maybe some reading this are age 80. How do yours look?

Would you get a Baby Yoda tattoo? If so, would you take care of the little guy on your skin as you age?


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