Watching Movies on Oculus Go

Recently, I bought the Oculus Go for $200. Should I have waited until Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Probably.

It’s a standalone Virtual Reality (VR) headset that can be used to watch videos, TV shows and movies and play some games. Currently, there are applications for Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Hulu. I haven’t tried playing any games on it, yet.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals had this being on sale at $50 off ($150 USD vs. $200). There was a brief time earlier today where it was selling as a lightning deal on Amazon for $130 ($70 off the regular price).

The box is square and comes with the lightweight head viewer, charger, and a single white remote.

The remote takes a single AAA battery. There is a spacer for glasses. I wear glasses regularly and found that even with the spacer, there was discomfort after watching for more than 45 minutes. I’ve read reviews from others who say this isn’t uncomfortable, so maybe it’s the particular frames I’m wearing?

The screen display is outstanding. It’s like sitting in a movie theater with a huge screen. You can look all around in 360 degrees.

The biggest issue with using the Oculus Go is battery power. On a full charge you receive 2-3 hours of time before the device needs to be recharged. So, for longer movies like The Irishman, you probably won’t be able to watch the entire movie in a single sitting. It’s good for watching most movies and TV shows.

One of our current streaming channels is Shudder (directly) and they do not have an Oculus VR app yet, so I can’t watch anything inside VR there. You might be able to go through Amazon and watch Shudder that way, but I prefer to subscribe directly for a wide variety of reasons.

There is a Fandango Movie Channel that rents and sells movies that you can’t get on Amazon and Netflix, which is not very many, although they do offer a special Oculus store but I have a hard time re-navigating back to it. You would think this would be the first thing you see when you check out the app inside the Oculus Go, right?

I’m not using the Oculus Go very often so far, but have watched an episode of Black Mirror on it. Currently, I’m not rating technology on a star scale like movies here, but if I was doing that, I’d probably give it something like 2.5 – 3 stars and say, it’s not really something I’d recommend to others at this time. I’ll probably continue to use it here and there, mainly when my wife wants to use the TV to watch something I’m not interested in watching. Of course if Facebook decides to do something really cool movie/TV/video-wise in VR and it’s compatible with the Go, I’ll be there.

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