How To Better Promote Your Next Films, Elizabeth Banks and Tim Miller

Some directors might best be advised not to promote (torpedo) their films. I’m thinking of two directors specifically in this post, but this can be applied to any directors trying to emphasize causes rather than promoting entertaining stories. After all, most moviegoers want to see a great film first and foremost.

First up, the guy who is wondering whether or not he wants to work with James Cameron again. Yes, that guy.

Tim Miller put his foot in his mouth more than once when marketing Terminator: Dark Fate⭐️⭐️½

Then there’s Elizabeth Banks.

The marketing campaign for Charlie’s Angels ⭐️½ was worse than the movie. Elizabeth Banks has been out there making excuses for why it sucked. And some of her excuses are beyond bizarre.

Sometimes damage control is worse than the damage.

Just accept failure, criticism and go back to work. Make something better next time. It’s a creative work and not all of them are winners, even for the best creative people who have ever lived. Making strange excuses for why people didn’t go see/support your movie is lame and counterproductive. Charlie’s Angels (2019) was disappointing, but hey, just move onto your next project, Liz.

Good news, she already has!

Banks and her company with her husband have already inked a deal with Universal: a remake with Banks directing and starring in the Universal monster movie remake, The Invisible Woman (1941):

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but sources say Banks’ pitch is very different from the “Invisible Man” film coming out in February that stars Elisabeth Moss, and there is no crossover potential on either film.

Elizabeth Banks to Direct, Star in ‘Invisible Woman’ for Universal
Universal The Invisible Woman (1940) trailer

Seems like a safe time to discuss future marketing.

Drop the hyper-feminism marketing. Just make a great movie, but don’t try and tell us how awesome it is for some cause, for women or ____, show it inside the film through the story.

And we’re much too smart not to see women and minorities shoehorned unnecessarily into stories. Instead, choose or create source material that is all about women empowerment from the get-go, There are many great stories tailor-made for that topic!

In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing one of those: Bombshell.

Maybe, Banks should pick a topic more along the lines of family-oriented topics? She is disclosing an unusual amount of personal information about her family.

In the interview, Banks also admitted that she’s “a little traditional when it comes to marriage. I think there are people that go into marriage thinking: ‘If it doesn’t work, I’ll get divorced.’ That’s not me. You’re going to have bad moments. You’ve committed to something. Do you value it or don’t you?”

Elizabeth Banks Is ‘Most Proud Of’ 27-Year Relationship |

I like rooting for good people. At least that’s my perception of Elizabeth Banks, based on her interviews and other publicity. Congrats to her and husband Max Handelman on 27 years together!

This September Kara and I celebrated 30 years of marriage. Being together this long in any day and age is much more satisfying than making (or seeing) a good movie.

I wish both Miller (executive producer for the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie — who seems to be staying quiet at the moment) and Banks success with The Invisible Woman.

It should be easier for both to do better films next time.

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