TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 4 – Sanctuary⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Baby Yoda riding on the ship with The Mandalorian — awwww

What follows is my mostly non-spoiler review of the episode, but these episodes are so short that you probably just want to watch it yourself and then come back and read. At the end I’m including reviews by others. I cannot guarantee of course that those reviews won’t spoil more than you want, so proceed at your own caution…

Season 1

“Chapter 4 – Sanctuary”

A village is under siege from raiders. A mother and her child out. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda find a planet to “lay low” as they hide out and, what do you know, it’s the same village under attack in the opening sequence. The Mandalorian tells Baby Yoda not to touch anything and to stay, but Baby Yoda has a mind of his own and follows. They stop in a bar and The Mandalorian spots a rebel soldier, Cara Dune (played by Gina Carano, for those who want to see more women in this series) that interests him and that’s when the the next job begins.

The rest of the story you’ll need to watch to see how it plays out, but here are my overall thoughts. Baby Yoda is there in all his cuteness, which will make the internet happy (he’s the biggest star in this series, so far). I wonder if eventually he will become a Chewbacca to Han Solo-type partner or he’ll remain more of an R2-D2 with Yoda-like powers? Future episodes will hopefully provide clarity and understanding.

Cara Dune is a solid fighter with battle history. She is strong and has the Mandalorian’s respect and plays an important part of this episode, but we’re unsure if she’ll continue to be a recurring character or this is her Nick Nolte type one and done role.

Cara Dune played by Gina Carano with Mandalorian and Baby Yoda sharing a peaceful moment

The episode basic formula so far through four episodes is Mandalorian takes on a job, he executes the job and then moves on. The run time for this episode is 40 minutes, so we’re sort of hovering around the 40 minute mark. It doesn’t seem like 40 minutes though when you’re watching it. Goes by too fast.

In prior episode reviews, I mentioned there were 10 episodes, but I’m reading in some publications, including sketched out at Wikipedia, that there will be only 8. I don’t which will be accurate, but I’m guessing they decided to slice up the original order of 10 episodes into 8, to make them run a little longer. Here is the release schedule again, that shows 8 episodes:

If it is only 8 episodes, then we’re at the halfway mark at the conclusion at the conclusion of this episode.

I’m giving this episode 3.5 stars .It’s very good, but nothing too shocking or revealing happens here. We do learn a little more backstory on the Mandalorian’s past, but it’s more of just another mission. We’re teased to a potential new character in Cara Dune, a shock trooper (something new to Star Wars we haven’t seen), but we don’t know what her ongoing disposition will be in the series and the ending of the episode, which I won’t spoil, doesn’t really answer the question one way or another.

I guess at the 50% mark, we don’t really need to know a lot, but the first season is presumably now half over.

The Mandalorian seems to want to find Baby Yoda somewhere he can hide him out so he can live in peace, but it seems that might not be an option. Will this be the ongoing struggle in each episode? Sort of like The Incredible Hulk where Bill Bixby was looking for a cure he could never find, so he just keeps wandering from town to town? Only it’s The Mandalorian, going from planet to planet searching for a home for Baby Yoda? Who knows, pure speculation here.

As mentioned, these episodes still seem to go by so (too?) fast. Maybe I’m just getting greedy. They are keeping my interest and am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I like how Disney is rolling them out old school, an episode a week, just like a traditional TV series versus the Netflix model of dumping an entire series for binging. We can still binge watch this when we get to the end.

Something tells me there is going to be a cliffhanger for the end of the first season. A second season has already been greenlit.

This episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, the eighth episode will be directed by Taika Waititi of Jojo Rabbit ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

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Chapter 4 “The Sanctuary” Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more. Enjoy in the discussion.

  • Ricardo (9/10): “Gina Carano was badass in this episode, and I hope we get more of her soon. Just 4 more episodes left of The Mandalorian, and I’m not ready to see it go.”
  • filmschoolwtf breaks down the ongoing suspense/curiosity over what happens when a Mandalorian takes off his helmet.
  • Kerry Moore / Nerds on Earth (10/10): “There’s no dramatic swell of music to emphasize the Mandalorian’s growth, no on-the-nose directing from Bryce Dallas Howard for sentimental effect. The quiet conversation between Dune and the bounty hunter, shot mostly from stationary angles with interposed cuts of baby Yoda playing with the village children, conveys the emotions under the Mandalorian’s helmet perfectly.”
  • The Sandcrawler Blog: “…another great episode. This one didn’t stray from the Western feel and told a great story.”

What do YOU think of The Mandalorian overall so far? I’m really enjoying it. Honestly, it’s my favorite currently active TV series at the moment, but I’m only following this one regularly, so that should be considered.

Perhaps I’m missing some other great TV series? Tell me about what you think of The Mandalorian and feel free to recommend other TV series you might recommend.

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