20+ Frozen II Reviews – I’m Kristoff, Which Frozen Character Are You?

Took the Buzzfeed quiz: “What character from Frozen II ⭐️⭐️⭐️ are you?” quiz and I’m Kristoff. Was sort of hoping for Olaf, but hey I’ll take Kristoff. Which one are you?

Frozen II enjoyed a record breaking opening weekend at the box office:

Disney’s Frozen II delivered a monster debut, bringing in an estimated $127 million domestically, which serves as the largest animated opening ever outside the summer corridor and a record animated opening for the month of November. In fact, the performance is the fifth largest November opening of all-time, topping the $125 million opening for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 back in 2010. The film played to an audience that was 59% female with families making up 70% of the opening weekend crowd.

Frozen II Delivers $350 Million Global Debut – Box Office Mojo


This is the film discussion post for Frozen II, so if you haven’t seen the film, yet, then here’s your friendly warning not to continue with this post.

… you’ve been warned …

My primary bone of contention with this film is the music. It seemed very lackluster compared to the first. Was there any standout hit?

Secondary criticism would be the more earthy-tone story vs. the more wintry setting of the original. The mist was cool, but the whole dam substory was underwhelming.

Reviews by Others

Let’s see, so far, what other moviegoers think of Frozen II. Keep in mind that some/many of these reviews contain spoilers.

Where did you share your review? Use the comments to tell me about your movie-related/review blog and I’ll follow. I like following movie-related blogs. Yes, even those who disagree with my reviews and vice versa.


  • Film Music Central: “As much as I enjoyed Frozen II, I hope there is not a Frozen III. There really is nothing more to add to the story at this point. We know, mostly, why Elsa has her powers, no plot threads remain unresolved. At this point, Arendelle should be left in peace.”
  • The Reviewing Network: “In terms of this movie, I actually really enjoyed this a lot, I think it works as a much better sequel than Ralph Breaks The Internet did last year and would even say this is about on par with the first Frozen.”
  • Maybush (7/10): “Songs are catchy, characters’ outfits are captivating, and visuals are stupendous, yet plots are obscure, and it lacks something (Frozen once had) that attracted me most– certain sentiments.”
  • Morgan Magazine: “All in all, “Frozen II” admirably does its job in delving into the questions left from viewing the 2013 original, and wrapping it all up in a magical and very emotional conclusion, for the moment.”
  • Ian Failes reviews the technical process behind how the trees were constructed and animated. Very tech-oriented, but fascinating.
  • Kidsnews (4/5): “And while this new movie is missing a hit song (there’s nothing close to Let it Go), it is a brilliant sequel that most kids will love.”
  • Tamale Reviews gives it 10 out of 12 tamales and a one sentence review.
  • Dan Ankers (4/5): “…in the best fairytale tradition, it offers plenty of sagelike messages and important (in my opinion) moral posturing for the younglings in the audience.”
  • Matthew Liedke on Film (3.75/5): “The story doesn’t come together as smoothly and it definitely needed more time tacked on. However, the movie delivers some good songs, brilliant animation and memorable character moments.”
  • No More Workhorse: “This lacks some of the charm of the original offering and doesn’t have its  “show-stopping” quality. However, you expect that of a sequel. It’s still dazzling enough to entertain and will no doubt spawn a merchandising frenzy but it’s unlikely to be rewatched as obsessively as the first one.”
  • Darren/The M0vie Blog: “…is a fitting sequel, for better or worse. It is more ambitious than the original, but also more cluttered. It is bolder than the original, but also more constrained by expectation. It is more epic in scope than the original, but more bloated in content. There’s a lot to like here, even if the end result is perhaps messier than it should be.”
  • Amused in the Dark: “I had to manage my expectations going in and this movie exceeded those expectations. It has flaws, more than a handful, but they do not take away from the whole and I spent two hours really enjoying myself and just watching some very very gorgeous moving art.”
  • Jay / Assholes Watching Movies: “…is more interesting, more complex, and more satisfying than the first one, perhaps because its themes are more mature, perhaps because instead of battling a bad guy, it turns inward, introspective.”
  • Brittany Murphy/GEEKS OF COLOR: ” while it is not necessarily better than its predecessor, Frozen II still has a lot to offer both children and adults alike, especially with a voice cast as charismatic as the one we are lucky enough to have “
  • jasonbleau/Cinema Spotlight: ” The visuals are breathtaking, the story is exciting and engaging, the themes are relevant and timeless and allow multiple characters more chances to shine. It will be argued probably for years whether this sequel lives up to the legacy set upon it by its predecessor, but for my money “Frozen II” is the kind of sequel fans deserved and for me personal was a much more enjoyable and memorable experience.”
  • Martin Through The Silver Screen (Grade: B): “The plot is not on as solid ground as its predecessor, however the stunning animation, excellent voice work and soaring music ensure that this is an adventure into the unknown, that’s worth going on.”
  • Logan Burd / Cinema or Cine-meh (7/10): “Their characters’ journeys feel, at the same time, like the natural progression of their stories but also a real shift change from “Frozen.” The characters have convincingly matured, which is something you don’t often see in animated sequels. In many ways, “Frozen II” looks like just another cash-grab box office darling”
  • Movie Mommy (5/5): “Movies often give us a period of despair where it seems all is lost so that the happy ending will feel even happier. I’m not sure my girls appreciated this manipulation. I think they would have preferred more scenes of Olaf singing and frolicking in the autumn woods and less Anna sobbing in a dark cave, but at least for an adult who understands the need for dramatic arcs within a film, this movie is perfection.”
  • The Hobbit Hole: “I liked it…it was a good sequel…it continued where the first one sort of left off…answering the questions that we might’ve had from the first one…the thought of Olaf being annoying never happened…Kristoff was cool as ever…the music was good…though I felt there was no song with the popularity of “Let it Go”…I did like Kristoff’s song “Lost in the Woods””

Not Recommended (or unclear/undecided)

  1. JP’s Blog: “All in all, I was pretty disappointed with Frozen II, a film I was really hoping would be a solid continuation of the franchise. After watching I couldn’t help feeling like they could have done better given that they had five years (allowing for marketing and break time between films) to make a really good movie.”
  2. Raj Reviews (4.5/10): “It is unfortunate then that Frozen II is exactly the opposite of what the first film is. The simple and succinct plot is traded for one that is overly complex and confusing. The catchy and memorable tunes are exchanged for forgettable and mundane show tunes. And the investing characters and themes are reduced to one note caricatures and throw away one liners.”
  3. The Spotless Mind (3/5): “The story felt too complex for the young ones (“Dad, what’s permafrost?”), but might also not be as engaging to the older crowd (the mother sitting next to me had a well-deserved hour of nap before she tends again to her kids for all of eternity).”
  4. Screen Zealots / Louisa (2/5): ” While the magic doesn’t reach the highs of the first film, “Frozen II” is beautifully animated and visually impressive enough to recommend only to those who love animation as an art form. Everyone else would be smart to skip it.”

Your turn. Let’s discuss Frozen II. Do you agree/disagree with my criticism? What did you like and dislike, if anything, about the film? And, if you took the Buzzfeed quiz, which character are you?

5 thoughts on “20+ Frozen II Reviews – I’m Kristoff, Which Frozen Character Are You?

  1. I got Bruni (the little lizard/fire guy)

    You got: Bruni
    Your personality matches Bruni! You’re curious, energetic, and affectionate. Like Bruni, you can be a little shy at first, but once you get to know someone they become your friend for life. You’re someone who loves learning about new things.


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