Thank you, Jerome, for being 100th follower

Jerome Reviews became the 100th follower to this blog on 11/23/2019 — Thank you, Jerome!

A quick shout out and thank you to Jerome Reviews for being the 100th follower to this blog. Much appreciated! I like the term “subscriber” better than follower because it sounds more friendly, but rolling with the terminology that the blog software uses.

Meta posts like this I promise to keep to a minimum, but have always believed in celebrating moments and thanking others who help. A blog without readers is like a ship without a sail, a car on blocks without tires, and a book or movie growing dust on shelves.

I also realize 100 is a very tiny number for anything on the internet, but every blog has to start somewhere. Milestone markers are useful from a historical standpoint as well as somewhat self-motivational.

Blogs are nothing without readers, so thanks to anybody who subscribes and follows and/or stops by and takes a minute or two to leave a comment. The comments are moderated here, yes, which I know kind of sucks, but that’s primarily for spam protection, not because I want to limit dissenting opinion or discussion.

We celebrated 100 posts to the blog (10/28/2019) and 100 movies reviewed (9/28/2019) and will celebrate 1000 reviews when/if it happens in 2020. Around 300 reviews at the time of this writing and growing every single day. Have also seen every single wide release in the theater since August 2019.

Really love that the Regal Unlimited plan exists and allows my wife and I to see more movies in the theater. While we could financially see all the movies at full theater price, we would have been less adventuresome in watching movies we weren’t totally anticipating. Together, that was probably a couple dozen at the most films per year. Last night we saw the 54th new movie in the theater since August 12, 2019.

Individually, I would see more than her, but together, we have a very difficult time picking movies that we both (think we’ll) enjoy. Now, we just see whatever we haven’t seen that is showing at Regal Cinemas in our area, it’s a very a different dynamic for choosing what movies to watch. Selection isn’t filtered by collective desires, it’s filtered by have/have not seen. And goal is to see every new wide release. We or at least I will see some of the limited release films, too. There have already been several films neither of us would have chosen to see without this monthly subscription.

What if the program goes away? Gasp. Don’t go there!

Recently, I changed to show myself as the full author of these posts, moving away from our username “TJSNK” because I’ve always written them anyway, so might as well accept full ownership of them.

Anyway, back to regular blog programming.

Thank you, again, Jerome. Don’t know who you are, but am following your blog as well and am sure I’ll be reading more of your movie reviews going forward. If you have a Twitter handle posted prominently on your blog, I’ll follow that soon, too, if not already by the time you might read this.

9 thoughts on “Thank you, Jerome, for being 100th follower

  1. Cool thing to celebrate man, I appreciate seeing your posts pop up for any releases that I forget about and other good reads too. I just recently passed my 75th review for the year and should get close to 100 before the new year, which was my lofty goal setting out in January, but you’re doing great! And I hope you continue to draw in more followers too 😀

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      1. My list is only since August 2019, so doesn’t include the rest of the year. As mentioned in the post, didn’t start seeing everything new in the theater until August 12,2019, so this year’s recap is going to have some holes.

        Here is a link to the top 10 list:

        1. DOCTOR SLEEP
        2. FORD v FERRARI
        3. DOLEMITE IS MY NAME (Netflix)
        4. HARRIET
        5. JUDY

        Subject to change, as I might move some titles around after rewatching, but that’s where it stands as of this writing based on first watches.


      2. We didn’t see Us or Free Solo, but caught the others. Peanut Butter Falcon surprised us. Shia Lebeouf was really good in that one. i found the alternate timeline for Quentin Tarintino’s ONCE UPON A TIME … IN HOLLYWOOD cool Definitely want to check out Jordan Peele’s US, not sure how that one was missed. TOY STORY was a good time too. Seem like solid picks all the way around!


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