20 More Terminator: Dark Fate Reviews – Director Tim Miller Couldn’t Control What People ‘Hate the Most’

Do you need a monster ego to be a good film director?

That is somewhat rhetorical, as I see the headline in an article, “Why “Terminator Dark Fate’ Director Won’t Work With James Cameron Again” —

Considering one has written and directed several huge box office hits and the other has directed a grand total of two films — one a flop, the other a success — shouldn’t it be the other way around?

“The things they seemed to hate the most about the movie, were things I can’t control. I can’t control you didn’t like Genysis or you felt betrayed by Terminator 4. I can’t help that,” said Miller.

Why ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Director Won’t Work With James Cameron Again | Hollywood Reporter

Miller seems confused by what most people disliked about the movie he worked so hard on: Terminator: Dark Fate⭐️⭐️½ 

Let me throw you a bone, Mr. Miller.

It was marketed as T3, the first Cameron-sanctioned and produced sequel to T2, when it was actually a soft reboot of T1 & T2. And then we get two new female characters that we didn’t want or need when we already had one awesome strong character — Sarah Connor — to put front and center.

Moviegoers were tired of crappy sequels to T2 and you just coughed up another one. That’s what upset fans and, sorry to disagree, but yes, you could control that. Next time, deliver to moviegoers what you promised.

As for being mad at Terminator: Genisys?

Cinemablend gaveTerminator: Genisys 3D a solid 33/35 rating. While shopping at Big Lots recently, I bought the Blu-ray for a whopping $5. Sure, I’ll bite. I don’t collect much physical media any more, but since we have a 3D TV (they don’t make many of those any more), I’m still collecting 3D Blu-ray movies to go along with it. I tried rewatching this in 3D and had to eject about 30 minutes in. Sigh.

This much I’ll credit Cameron and Miller. Genisys is undeniably worse than Dark Fate.

I’m a huge Terminator fan, but feel burned by the last three films (Salvation, Genisys and now Dark Fate). I was less disappointed in Rise of the Machines, but need to rewatch that to truly compare if I feel better about that than Dark Fate. Maybe after watching both on the streaming circuit, I’ll give Dark Fate the nod for the third best film in the franchise. Can’t say right now because it’s been too long since last watched Rise of the Machines.

Reviews by Others

Have done this once before when it came out a few weeks ago, but maybe this time will find others more kind to Dark Fate? Let’s find out.

I’m not separating the reviews by recommended or not, just lumping all together as I found in my reader. The numbering doesn’t mean anything as far as priority or ranking, it’s just there to count of the number of reviews shared.

  1. licoricerub: “The Terminator franchise has officially been milked to death, so on the one hand, Terminator: Dark Fate is a film that no one asked for and not enough people went to see based on its box-office performance, but on the other hand, Terminator: Dark Fate is a solid film with engaging characters and a handful of exciting action scenes.”
  2. Edd’s Reviews: “… feels like a worthy sequel to T2 and the only vital film in the franchise for decades. If you can look beyond the polarising plot twist and franchise fatigue you will see a cleverly thought out film that more than justifies it’s existence.”
  3. Screen Waffle (4/5): “… by no means the best film in the series, but it’s still very much worth watching. The film is visually a spectacle, the action and fighting is so overindulgent, excessive and sometimes cliché, you can’t help but love it.”
  4. Not BAMF: “It’s one of those Empty Calorie movies. I totally enjoyed it while I was watching it! But ultimately, it added no value going forward to my life.”
  5. The Film Meister (3/5 stars): “…much better than expected and at its height, is very entertaining. The film is bolstered by its strong performances and Miller has markedly matured as a filmmaker.”
  6. Menkaure IX / 9takes (4/10): “It’s only Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger that do leave a mark, but then again, they already did a better job 35 years ago. “To be honest,” said Linda Hamilton to Total Film (October 2019, p.58), “I always felt like the story was complete after T2.” Four attempts later, we feel the same way, Linda. We’ve been bamboozled.”
  7. Reel Entropy (4/10): “It undoes the efforts of Judgment Day in a way that retroactively casts its themes in a different light. It’s not a better movie than its peers, but it brings a catharsis to the franchise that nothing else has.”
  8. Discursive Anamolies: “Those expecting a traditional escapade of explosions and excitement get their fill, with some room to spare.”
  9. stuartgrayuk: “…this was a genuinely fresh and interesting take on a well established story.” (ed. interesting thoughts on A.I as well)
  10. Jerome’s Reviews (5/10): “Not noticing that the writing feels incredibly outdated, if you want a mindless and stupid action movie then I guess this is a pretty okay choice.”
  11. Erik Bhatnagar: “…while it might not be the best that the franchise has to offer by a long shot, Terminator: Dark Fate is the first of the franchise in some time that seems worthy to follow the first two films, even if it is still “lesser” than those two.”
  12. Fox on Film: “…exposition and script are kept to a minimum as all the money was saved to be spent on the action sequences that are so close together that they almost overlap. No time for boredom here just strap in and watch the gunfire, the explosions and car chases and varied aircraft rides and mucho nonsense.”
  13. fangirlish: “…the best Terminator movie since T2. We’d definitely give it a solid four out of five stars. It’s not a perfect movie and it certainly contains flaws within the story. But, it’s a solid sequel to the second film.”
  14. Jeremy Winslow: “…it’s absolutely unoriginal; however, the movie’s greatest sin is its excessive use of nostalgia as a crutch to carry it for 134 bland ass minutes.”
  15. The Not Left-handed Either Film Guide: “The best thing that these films have ever given us is strong, if slightly unhinged, women and this movie doubles down on that.”
  16. Cameron’s Blog: “…has some great scenes featuring stellar performances and some good action in it. I knew going in that it was just going to be the same thing as before though there are still quite a few things that I didn’t like.”
  17. Jason’s Movie Blog (4.2/5): “…stands a returning to the franchise’s former glory; showcasing that an exciting action feature that proves that there is still some cinematic life within this franchise.”
  18. Mike’s Movie Reviews (7/10): “I wasn’t expecting much but I have to admit I was quite surprised with the outcome, the action scenes were great, Linda and Arnie back together again worked well and the story was good.”
  19. Bob: “What a pity that this fine film is dying at the box office. It has a surprising dramatic force that most of you will find quite entertaining.”
  20. dunmailwillriseagain (2.5/5): “…still struggles to justify its existence with a tired plot, a disappointing return from Linda Hamilton and uninspired new characters, all highlighting why this franchise is dead and should never have continued past the second film.”

3 thoughts on “20 More Terminator: Dark Fate Reviews – Director Tim Miller Couldn’t Control What People ‘Hate the Most’

  1. What were your expectations going into Dark Fate? My expectations were very low and I think it likely benefited from that. I’ve long ago sealed away the first two Terminators in their own canon and so the sequels don’t hurt me as much like they do some of my friends.


    1. I was very excited about DARK FATE. Did a 10 day Terminator coundown here. No other movie to date has had more lead-up and coverage, in part because I was excited James Cameron was back on board and thought (foolishly now, it seems) that this would make some difference. Maybe if he had actually directed the movie instead of being off in AVATAR sequel land, things might have turned out differently.

      That said, I had a feeling it wouldn’t be very good, certainly not as good as the original two. There is a video around here with my oldest son and I talking about what it would take to make DARK FATE good (some of our ideas I think were better than what showed up in the movie). You can watch that in the embedded post here: https://moviereviewsbyus.com/2019/09/19/win-10000-remixing-terminator-dark-fate-trailer/

      Didn’t think they would basically retell the first two in a soft reboot, so that was a surprise. I didn’t like what they did to the whole John Connor storyline. I mean, we were sort of led to believe that Edward Furlong was going to be in the movie.

      I realize that some figured all this out before the movie came out because there were stories out there I saw after seeing it, but I’m careful to avoid reading reviews before seeing movies so as not to spoil going in as much as possible.

      If I’d known they were going to do what they did to John Connor I might have had even lower expectations. Now, I just hope they stick a fork in the franchise for movies and maybe try doing something cool on streaming like THE MANDALORIAN on Disney+. Something with a smaller budget and fan focus for Terminator could be an exciting way to carry on the franchise … hopefully, maybe. Or just leave it all alone and call it done.

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